What are the ways to delete wechat chat records ? Delete material collection , Come and stay !
What are the ways to delete wechat chat records ? In fact, there are two ways to delete wechat chat records , One is physical destruction , One is data destruction .
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We usually Click to delete wechat messages, which is a very common method of data destruction , However, it is not safe to simply delete messages in the wechat interface , The probability of recovery after deletion is very high , Today, I have prepared the physical methods and 3 Data method , Let's have a look , Privacy security class is open again !
Physical methods : Destroy mobile hardware

What are the ways to delete wechat chat records ? The main components of mobile phones are some hardware facilities , All the data we see need hardware to be displayed , So if we destroy the hardware, we can destroy the data of mobile phone . At the same time, wechat chat data will be destroyed , But it's expensive , Generally, the mobile phone will be completely deleted if it is immersed in water .
Data destruction method : Uninstall wechat

What are the ways to delete wechat chat records ? All kinds of application software will have their own data cache directory after downloading and installing , These data will be saved in the mobile file , In addition to deleting the cache directory , If we use the method of uninstalling wechat to cache the directory, it will be deleted automatically , Of course, it's better to back up the data files you need to use before you use them , Uninstall wechat to clear wechat chat records, and then download wechat again .
Have you learned how to make a list ? Of course, we have to choose according to the specific situation of our mobile phone data , Do not operate blindly to destroy other data ! All right , Today's sharing is here , Thank you for reading !

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