all places java Technical version statistics

I've always been looking forward to new technology , But I don't know the cities , The technology used is relatively new , So I hope you all     Report your location java Usage version , So we can count them  

    Let me talk about Qingdao first , 
      Most companies ( Relatively large ) All stay in    struts1  spring2  hibernate 
   The first : No framework  
  jsp to write java code ..... 
   The second : Only for Struts1 
  Struts1 Basic cost of framework ,( Nothing    ActionForm/Struts tags/ It's no use waiting   It's just a framework     Jump ) 
   layered : 
     action  dao  vo(java bean) 
      no service layer , Directly in action In layers new 
  It's almost speechless  
The third : 
   be used Struts Tags ActionForm  Interceptors, etc struts1 All the functions of  
  Spring( Control of things /AOP/IOC It's basically used ) 
  Hibernate(ORM Not used ,HQL Not used ) Adopt basic SQL, cascade , No lazy loading  
   layered : 

Basically, they are wandering around , Rarely used SS(2)H(3), An application , It's a mess in general ..

And now it's popular SSM, Microservices and other architectures , I think , The greatest truths are the simplest , It's getting easier now , Actually, we have to think about it from an economic perspective , Why do people like to use microservices now , Actually, it's because of automatic configuration , Improve development efficiency , Reduce the difficulty of getting started , Like the technology you learned in a few months , Flowers with you 1 reach 3 The cost of technology learned in is different , Because there is also the value of time and technical difficulty , Stack it up , Is the increase of development cost , If new technology is used , Can reduce costs , So we all use this technology .

And why big companies , Banks in particular , Even with XA,EJB Old technology like that , Old framework , Because of the financial system , you'll see , Of state-owned units , Efficiency is usually lower than that of private enterprises , The key is , Financial system requires stability , security , This is the most important , And many new technologies , There may be many BUG, And security is not necessarily as good as old technology , In some special cases , The existence of the old system , There must be the value of the existence of the old system . And update the technology , The cost is too high , Different common systems of financial system , Security , And it's not allowed BUG, For example, your money is one digit less , Do you have any questions ? Because finance is about money .

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