nowadays , Wechat has become our work , Communication tools essential to life , Chat about private topics on wechat , Trade secrets, etc . After the chat , Most people delete chats , Awareness of privacy , But many people don't know that after the wechat chat record in the mobile phone is deleted , Third party software can be recovered , Let me teach you a lesson today , How to delete wechat chat records and prevent them from being recovered , Let's learn together !

Method 1 , Uninstall wechat directly : This method is the most simple and crude , Wechat chat records are all empty , At the same time, all wechat records on the mobile phone are gone , So think twice before you operate .

Method 2 : Restore factory settings : All kinds of applications installed later on the mobile phone are lost synchronously , Of course, wechat chat record synchronization is lost , And it's hard to recover .

Method 3 , Frequent cleaning of wechat cache can also achieve the purpose of deletion , The way to clean up the cache is to open wechat 【 set up 】 Then click 【 currency 】 Find the bottom 【 Wechat storage space 】 Click it .

The above three deletion methods can reduce the recovery probability , But there is no guarantee that it will be completely removed , It can be downloaded in the apple store after deletion “ Master of restoration ” This APP, Check if there is any fish missing , Recovery masters can not only check whether they can recover , Data can also be deleted completely , Data deleted by recovery master , There's no recovery mechanism out there .
Step 1 : Apple Mobile can search in the app store " Master of restoration " Download the installation software

Step 2 : Select data deletion after installation , Privacy protection category , At present, this software can be completely removed, which is very good

summary : No matter which method is used to delete , You have to test it to see if it's really deleted , Because data corruption is random , This is how to delete wechat records completely , Is it very simple .

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