It's a simple handwritten note , Sorry for the ugly words .
Abs: Take absolute value
Ceil(float): Round up , return float
CeilToInt(float): Round up , return int
Floor(float): Round down , return float
Floor(float): Round down , return int
Clamp(float value,float min,float
max): When value>max, return max; When value<min, return min; When min<value<max: Return to a min->max Number between
ClosetPowerOfTwo(int value): return value Away from a series 2 The nearest number
DeltaAngle(float current,float target): Returns the angle between two angles
Lerp(float a,float b,float t): with a->b The total space of , Return to a t Number of scales . as :a=0,b=1,t=0.5, return 0 reach 1 Of 1/2, Namely
LerpAngle(float a,float b,float t): And Lerp equally , But it's applied to degrees
Pow(float f,float p): return f Of p Power
Sqrt(float f): Return to root f
Round(float): rounding , return float
RoundToInt(float): rounding , return int
float MoveTowards(float current,float target,float
maxDelta): from current Moving to target,maxDistanceDelta Is the maximum length of each move , The return value is when current Value plus maxDistanceDelta Value of , If this value exceeds target, Back to you target Value of .maxDelta Can be Rate
* Time.deltaTime.
float PingPong(float t,float
target): Back and forth , Return value is one 0 reach length Value of .t Usually Time.time, as time goes on , Keep returning to one 0-1 Value of .

Time.deltaTime: Time per frame , as 1s Internal 50 frame , be Time.deltaTime=1/50s, Affected by algorithm efficiency and hardware equipment ( read-only ).
fixedDeltaTime: Fixed time per frame , Not affected by algorithm efficiency and hardware equipment ( variable , influence FiexedUpdate Rate of ).
time: Represents the time from game development to now , Will stop computing as the game pauses .
fiexedTime: Represents the time from game development to now , Fixed time at fixed intervals ( be equal to fixedDeltaTime) to update , Until time attribute .
realtimeSinceStartup: Represents the time from game development to now , Game pause will continue to count .
frameCount: Frames .
timeScale: Speed of time change ,scale=0 Game pause .
timeSinceLevelLoad: Time from scene loading to now .
smoothDelatTime: For smoothing DeltTime, bring DeltaTime Stable at one value .

establish GameObject Of 3 Methods :

* new GameObject(“name”);
* Instantiate(GameObject /Component);
3.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType);// Can be created with several basic Mesh Of GameObject
GameObject and Component Activation and deactivation of :

GameObject The activation property of is ActiveInHierarchy: By calling SetActive Method can be set . Ancestral ActiveInHierarchy When disabled , Children will also be banned , But children's activeSelf Unaffected , Still true.
Component The activation property of is enabled: direct enabled=false/true Can be set .
Set to inactive : In principle, it is disabled update().

gyro,acceleration: Induced gravity .
bool GetKey: Press the keyboard to trigger all the time , There are two types of parameter passing ( The same below ):1.KeyCode.;, as
Alphabetic key "a"…, Number key "1"…, Direction key "up",“down”,“left”,“right”,“left
shift/ctrl/alt/cmd”,“right shift/ctrl/alt/cmd”, Keypad "[1]"…"[+]",“equals”,“mouse
GetKeyDown(): Press trigger .
GetKeyUp(): Lift trigger .
GetMouseButton(0/1/2): Always trigger when mouse is pressed ,0 Left mouse button ,1 Right mouse button ,2 Middle mouse button ( The same below ).
GetMouseButtonUp(0/1/2): Lift trigger .
GetMouseButtonDown(0/1/2): Press trigger .
GetButton(string axisName): Always triggered when pressed , Trigger virtual keyboard ( The same below ), stay Edit->project
setting->Input->Axis Can be viewed in . Each virtual key can correspond to multiple input values . as Fire0 representative mouse 0,left ctrl.
GetButtonUp(string axisName): Lift trigger .
GetButtonDown(string axisName): Press trigger .
float GetAxis(string axisName): Call the axisName.
One , Touch screen
  1,Mouse X Mouse along screen X Triggered on move
  2,Mouse Y Mouse along screen Y Triggered on move
  3,Mouse ScrollWheel Mouse scroll is triggered
Two , Keyboard class
  1,Vertical Triggered when the keyboard is pressed up or down
  2,Horizontal Triggered when the keyboard presses the left or right key
The return value is a 0-1/-1 Of , Positive and negative represent direction .

forward back z axis
up down y axis
left right x axis
one (1,1,1)

UGUI event detection :
similar OnClick And so on Inspector View in specific components .

UGUI Interface :
Official api Documents viewing related interfaces in :Scripting->Event System->Supported Events.
using UnityEngine.UI;
using UnityEngine.EventSystem;
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