The three spent about an hour on their way , Just slowly stopped at the gate of a dilapidated factory , The small iron door is covered with rust , It's been years since I saw it .

   Although Lin Xiao is ready to suffer , But the scene in front of him made his heart sink . The whole factory is not big , About 500 Square meter , There are two small factories , There's another building with two floors and four rooms .

   Whether it's a factory or a building , It's full of traces of time , Lin Xiao even doubted , If it's a little windy one day , Will the whole factory be razed to the ground .

   After three people come in , From a house on the first floor , Come out a plain dressed woman , It looks about 35,6 Age . The woman sees Ma Xiaomin coming , I ran over and said :“ Ma Zong , Here you are .”

   Ma Xiaomin nodded , Then the introduction :“ Trabecula , come . Let me introduce you . This is sister Han , This is her son Lin Xiao . Lin Xiao is a college student , Specially come to our factory to study , If you have any work , You can give it to him then , Let him exercise more .”

   After that , Ma Xiaomin turns to Lin Xiao and says :“ Lin Xiao , This is the beam , You can call her sister Liang . Follow her for a while .”

   Sister liang thought for a moment , Just smile and say :“ Ma Zong . Since Xiao Lin is a college student , Don't let him come here . It's all dirty work here , Don't hurt Xiao Lin anymore .”

  “ don't worry . He's here to familiarize himself with products , If you have any work, just give it to him , That's how familiar it is .” Ma Xiaomin said that , He asked Han Xia with a smile :“ Is that so? ? Sister Han .”

  “ Yes, of course . I'm relieved to leave Lin Xiao here , You're welcome .” Han Xia said without hesitation .

   Lin Xiao is so happy to see his mother's promise , I can't help feeling depressed , It seems that mother wanted to send herself away as soon as possible .

   Think of this , Lin Xiao looks around subconsciously , Suddenly he felt , The environment here is worse than the original construction site .

   It's just a village around Zhengzhou , So it's not as desolate as it is on the construction site , At least you don't need to go all the way to buy a cigarette or something . Just on the way , Lin Xiao has seen several small shops .

   But even though it's not a remote place , But the conditions here are for Lin Xiao , And it's true that he's challenged his limits again .

   However, Han Xia seems to have made up her mind this time , In the conversation with sister Liang , I didn't mean to let sister Liang take care of Lin Xiao , On the contrary, I have repeatedly stressed that you should not be polite to Lin Xiao . This made Lin Xiao feel speechless , The corners of the mouth are twitching all the time .

   Fortunately, Han Xia and sister Liang soon ended the conversation , Otherwise , Lin Xiao is afraid that he will be sold by his mother like this .

   after , Han Xia and Lin Xiao came to the second floor of the building , This is where Lin Xiao lives .

   There are only four rooms in the whole factory , One of the two downstairs rooms is for Sister Li Liang , There's another kitchen , And Lin Xiao is the only one living in the two upstairs rooms , The rest of the room is not occupied yet .

   After entering the room , Lin Xiaocai knows what simple is .

   The whole room except for a bunk bed , There's nothing left , See the scene in front of you , Lin Xiao can't help complaining :“ Isn't it too shabby ? At least there must be a table , Chairs or something ? And the dust , I'll rub it , How many centimeters thick is it ? also , What is a lump on the ground ? This room is not a toilet before ?”

   But complaint is complaint , Now that it's here , Lin Xiao can't quit now .

   Fortunately, there is a mother following , I don't need Lin Xiao to clean it up , After a while , Han Xia cleans up the room . Although there is only one upper and lower berth , But the lower bunk can sleep , You can put things on the top , There's nothing wrong with living here .

   After the accommodation is arranged , Han Xia didn't stay any longer , Driving away from the factory with Ma Xiaomin .

   It was just two o'clock in the afternoon when they left , Lin Xiao stayed in the room for a moment , Feel a little bored , Just go downstairs and have a look . That's what I learned , In one of the factories , By this time, five middle-aged women had gathered , Looks like it's all 40 Around the age of , Sister Liang is among them .

   Sister Liang sees Lin Xiao coming , That's why I got up and said :“ Kobayashi , You're down .”

  “ Okay .” Lin Xiao nodded softly , But her eyes stayed on the women behind sister Liang .

   After noticing Lin xiaolue's confused eyes , Voice explanation :“ They are all nearby villagers , It's also our factory worker .”

  “ Oh !” Lin Xiao answers , Keep asking :“ What are you doing ?”

   Said Sister Liang :“ We are packing pesticides here , Before tonight , This batch of goods will be sent out . I was going to accompany you around , But I'm in a bit of a hurry , I won't be with you . You can walk around by yourself , Although it's not prosperous here , But the good news is that the air is good .”

  “ don't worry . I didn't turn around by myself , Let me help you .” Now that it's here , Naturally, Lin Xiao didn't come here to be a master . Watching everyone busy , Where does he like to hang out alone .

  “ this ...... ok .” In fact, sister Liang wants Lin Xiao to help , But after all, Lin Xiao's mother and boss are friends , How can Han Xia say it , She didn't dare to direct Lin Xiao at will . But now that Lin Xiao has said it himself , Of course, sister Liang will not refuse .

   That's it. , Sister Liang gave Lin Xiao a simple demonstration , Lin Xiao started to help .

   Actually, what Lin Xiao does is very simple , Take a spoon and put the mixed pesticide into the packing bag , Just three spoons per bag , After packing, put the packing bag through the sealing machine . When the amount is about the same , Put these packaged pesticides in the box , Then seal the box with tape , Even if we have finished a box of goods .

   All afternoon , Lin Xiao and five women , Except for toilet time , Not even for a moment , But still busy 8 spot , Just pack the goods to be delivered .

   Have to say , With Lin Xiao joining us , It really saves us a lot of time . Otherwise , It's supposed to be night at least 9 spot , To complete the task of delivery .

   After the task is completed , Except for sister Liang , The other four women have gone home . And sister Liang got into the kitchen , She's going to prepare dinner for herself and Lin Xiao .

   As for Lin Xiao , Nearly in a row 6 Hours of physical labor , That makes Lin Xiao feel like he's going to fall apart . No wonder , For Lin Xiao, he often stays up late , For the curtilage man in poor health , This kind of long-term physical labor , It's too much to eat .

   Lin Xiao only rested in bed for less than half an hour , Sister Liang has already made the meal . Miss Liang's cooking is very simple , There are only two vegetables , Steamed bread and rice porridge .

   Although the food doesn't taste good , But Lin Xiao is very delicious . So Lin Xiao was surprised , He's always very picky about food , But I can eat this kind of food today .

   But a little thought of Lin Xiao makes it clear , It's mainly because he's so hungry .

   After dinner and back to the room , Lin Xiaocai knows what is real boredom .

   Previously at the site , Although there is no network , But at least I can talk to two roommates . Besides, when I was on the construction site , There is a net in the Office , It's easy to pass the time at night while downloading something on the Internet . And here it is , There is no net in the whole factory , So Lin Xiao is helpless , Even the computer was taken away by Han Xia .

   no way out , No net , What's the use of keeping a computer ? I can't play Minesweeper ? This kind of game will only make Lin Xiao feel more bored , It doesn't work at all .

   Without a computer or a living person , Lin Xiao has to play with his out of print Samsung flip phone . It's good to rely on 2G network , Lin Xiao can barely read a novel , Otherwise , I guess Lin Xiao can only stare in the room .

   But physical labor does help sleep , Lin Xiao read the novel for less than an hour , Just lying on the bed and falling asleep .

   Lin Xiao's life in the factory , Destined to be with five middle-aged women , Spend time in boredom and busyness . But the night after Lin Xiao came to the factory , I got a call from Ma Xiaomin .

   Ma Xiaomin tells Lin Xiao on the phone , Let him come to the city office the next day , It's to let Lin Xiao pick up a new colleague to come to the production base . Lin Xiao is naturally indispensable , But to his surprise , Why does Ma Xiaomin want him to pick it up instead of letting others go ?

   But think about it , Lin Xiao is relieved . Ma Xiaomin must be afraid of being bored in the factory , So I found an excuse to go to the city . After all, I'm also her partner's son , She can't really use herself as an ordinary worker .

   Unfortunately , Lin Xiao thinks Ma Xiaomin must not understand his homestead heart . According to Lin Xiao , To pick up an aunt to work in the factory , It's not that interesting .


------------ Dividing line ------------


   In the previous chapter, Lin Xiao put two pictures of her sister , The amount of reading has more than doubled , Lin Xiao was shocked .

   Originally, Lin Xiao was just to satisfy everyone's curiosity , But I didn't expect such a wonderful effect .

   The world is crazy .

   Lin Xiao suddenly feels sad ...... His painstaking writing , It's not as good as two pictures of my sister ?

   How can this not be lost ?

   How can we not let people down ?

   How can one not be sad ?

   How can we not let people fear ?

   Okay , Take a picture .


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