<> use python Detect wechat friends deleted / Be pulled black
import itchat import time itchat.auto_login(hotReload=True) # Hot loading
print(' Test results may cause discomfort .') print(' Please check the test results on the mobile phone , Only test information is shown here .') print(' Message rejected for blackout ,
Need to send verification information to be deleted .') print(' No result is a good one .') print(' testing 1000 Friends need 34 minute , and so on .')
print(' For the safety of your account , The speed is just right .') print(' Keep the program running while it is running , Network stay connected .')
print(' Please do not manually exit from the mobile terminal .') input(' Press ENTER Key to continue ...') friends =
itchat.get_friends(update=True) lenght = len(friends) for i in range(1,
lenght): itchat.send("జ్ఞా", toUserName=friends[i]['UserName'])
print(f' No {i} Friends : {str(friends[i]["NickName"]).center(20, " ")}') #
Sending information too fast will be detected by wechat . time.sleep(2) print(' Tested , Please check the results on the mobile phone .') itchat.run()

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