<> One , Why does it happen “ Gold three silver four ” Phenomenon of

In the workplace , There has always been “ Gold three silver four , golden September and silver October ” What do you mean , This refers to the two peak periods of employment in a year

So why does the phenomenon of "gold, silver and four" ?

One , Year end bonus issued , Salary adjustment confirmed

Two , The company increases the number of employees , Make up the labor gap

The Spring Festival in China is usually in the middle and late of January or in the middle and early of February , So during this period, many companies will choose to complete the comprehensive evaluation of employees before the Spring Festival , And give out the year-end bonus we most expect , It's just two states if there's a year-end bonus or no year-end bonus

If you leave at the end of the year , So maybe I missed the assessment , A year of hard work , I can't get the year-end bonus , It's too bad , So even at the beginning of the year , The company evaluates its performance in the previous year , But there is still a risk in the number of employees who leave without receiving the year-end bonus , Besides, since there are plans to leave , Of course, we should have a good Spring Festival , You can also make a full preparation for the Spring Festival holiday , So after the Spring Festival , A lot of people will get the year-end bonus , make preparation , Start looking for new opportunities .

At the enterprise level , It will take some time to adjust to work after , Vacation syndrome , So it will take about half a month to officially enter the working state and business process , Then arrange an interview from the enterprise , To final employment , It will take half a month if you hurry up , It's two months slow , therefore , Gold, silver and four naturally become the peak of job hopping .

There's a vacancy, there's a need , Someone from one company changes to another , We need new people to fill the hole , So the peak of job hopping in March and April led to the peak of job hunting in March and April , So in March and April, there will be more jobs in the market than in other months .

<> Two ,“ Gold three silver four ” Is it the best time to find a job

“ Gold three silver four ” Is it the best time to find a job ? Not necessarily

* advantage :
* Many companies to choose from , Many opportunities
* inferiority :
* Strong talent supply
* The chances of becoming a spare tire are greatly increased , obtain offer Slow time
* If there is no obvious competitiveness , Salary increase will not be too high

The reason why gold, silver and four appear , Generally, job seekers come out of home to find jobs after the end of the year , At this time, employed people often change jobs to find better jobs , So years later 3,4 Month is the most time for job seekers , At the corresponding time, enterprises are also the best time to recruit ,

Compared to those in the job hopping season ( Gold three silver four , golden September and silver October ) A crowd of job seekers , It may be more reliable to find a horse by riding a donkey , For example, summer average 38 Personal application for a position , Last quarter's average 43 Personal grab a post . The competitive pressure of mistakenly opening the four positions of gold, silver and silver is relatively less .

From another point of view , Posts left after the waves , Deleted the aimless job hopping , Jump to a higher salary , Or just for a change of environment , On the contrary, enterprises and job seekers run for the purpose of better career development to recruit and find jobs , Maybe we can have a chance .

Second, in 3 Month and 4 There are more job seekers in the month , fierce competition , If you choose to , job-hunting , Submit resume , If the ability is not outstanding , So it's easy for your resume to be brushed down by better competitors , Drown in a huge stream of people .

<> Three , A relatively easy time to find a job

Towards the end of the year

<> One , Most people don't want to change jobs at this time , Lead to much lower than the demand

<> Two , Lower threshold , Higher passing rate

Years ago , The staff composition of most companies is basically stable , Don't rush into a new company , We usually choose to recruit in the next year .

People whose team's puzzle is not complete , I also know , It was not easy to recruit people years ago , Because objective theory , There are not as many job seekers as there are in the job hopping and graduation seasons .

therefore , If the applicant , Can reach 80% Matching degree of , Basically, they will be included .

<> Three . Pay may be better

It's a little more likely to get a promotion . Because by the end of the year , The company will make a financial budget for the next year , To keep the company , Save on recruitment next year , The company may have more employee benefits, holiday bonus, etc .

meanwhile , Go to the company at the end of the year to talk about salary increase , The company will , Take into account the plan for a pay rise , It would be better than talking about a pay raise when the company budget is out , The success rate may be a little higher .

<> Four . Reduced competition

For some people , At the end of the year, because many foreigners are going home for the new year , All want to go home , Wait until the end of the year to find a job , So I made the decision to resign . Especially at the grassroots level , All enterprises are indispensable , Relatively easy to find .

At this time, the employer is short of manpower , And there are few job seekers , Relatively fewer competitors , You have the advantage . therefore , Many enterprises need to make recruitment plans ahead of time at the end of the year , Job seekers can also take advantage of this opportunity to easily find a good job .

<> Five . Avoid years later “ Gold three silver four ” Job hunting craze

It's not easy for each of us to find a job , If there's a chance , We will give priority to our favorite company . however , Your favorite company has excellent conditions , Nice atmosphere , It's also the object of other people's pursuit , Its competition must also be very cruel .
At this time , If you apply in the off-season , It can greatly increase the passing probability , Everyone knows , March and April are the peak seasons for job hopping every year , If you don't want to compete with more people , that , to open or find a new path or snap course , Is the best way .
of course , all , Especially job seekers , It takes time to rest and recharge . however , Use the year-end and holiday to plan your job carefully , Not as an excuse to relax , It is a wise way to accelerate the development of career .

<> Four , The quality of job hopping at the end of the year

Do you really lose the year-end bonus ?
First of all, we can compensate by salary and other forms
On the way of salary I : Direct and headhunter expression
On the second way of salary : Talk about concerns

<> Five , Three points to understand before job hopping

<> One , When the boss keeps you through a raise , Better not stay here easily

Whether it's your leader , Or the boss of the company , When you apply to the company for resignation , They will do something to keep you , It's not a promise to give you a raise , Is to increase welfare , This situation shows that the company is still inseparable from you ; Even if the company gives you more sincerity , You can't stay easily , After all, loyalty culture is very important in our country , The reason for the raise is that you stay , There's a transitional time to find someone to replace you , You may waste your chance of job hopping if you persist for several months , You're not going to be used anymore , The purpose of your raise may be to temporarily fail to replace you , That's the way to slow down ; If you face the leader's retention , Choose to stay easily , It will only give the impression that the leader is not firm , At the same time, it will also reduce the development of your career ; So , When the boss keeps you through a raise , Better not stay here easily .

I was , Has offered to leave for an interview , Half the interview , The company said that there was a project to add money to me , At that time, because the work was not found, it was very smooth , Plus a raise, you stay , It turned out to be a waste of a year , And overtime is very serious , So when you're leaving and the boss wants a raise , look before you leap

<> Two , When changing jobs , You can't just look at the high salary

Join the army of job hopping , Everyone wants to find a well paid job for themselves , Most of the time, it's different from what I think , Generally, there are three situations after job hopping , Jump up , Horizontal jump and downward jump ; More friends are aiming for higher salaries , But I don't know from a long-term perspective , The good or bad in front of you doesn't really suit you ; Have a good friend , In less than three years , Three job hopping , But I get paid every time 30%, But Qiqi couldn't jump in the last year ; After every job hopping , The content of the work will also change , Although I have participated in many projects in the past three years , But the experience is scattered , So he didn't settle down in the same field ; So it's better to find a job , Through a few years of practical exercise , We can't blindly pursue the high salary in front of us , Otherwise, it's not good for your career development ; So , When you change jobs , You can't just focus on the high salary in front of you .

<> Three , When you are interviewing for job hopping , Don't complain to the interviewer about the former company

Most employees , I will not keep in touch with the original company , In fact, this situation directly reflects the nature of job hoppers ; I believe there are many people , When asked about the reasons for changing jobs during job hopping interviews , Will choose to complain about the original company , Even if the original company is not , This will give the interviewer a sense of negative energy , It even gives the interviewer the impression of arrogance , It means that you and the original company have been cut off ; But there are also friends , Would say something polite , To describe why you left , This will make you feel disconnected , This will make your career development more exciting ; You must understand that job hopping is not an end , But we can't build too many opposites , In this way, more resources can be accumulated ; So , When you are interviewing for job hopping , Don't complain to the interviewer about the former company .

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