See such a title , I'm sure many people will think it's going to be a toxic chicken soup . But maybe you're wrong this time , This article is in fact Damon it seems , Just to help and alert more readers . After all, in the era of information explosion , Such an article , In fact, the ripples that can be aroused are not very big . Don't talk much , Let's take a good look .

​ The first thing is to change jobs for programmers , It's a commonplace thing to talk about . In fact, whether it's a programmer , Other people in the workplace , If it wasn't for your house, it would have been demolished or for the second generation of the rich , We need to face such a problem . And for the phenomenon of programmers' job hopping , In fact, it is quite normal in the industry . But here Damon What I want to say is : Do you need to change jobs , It's not what you're talking about , It's the market .

​ When you've been in a company for a long time , You're prone to siege , In such a situation , You're going to get upset . So you , Go out for an interview properly , Understand the market , In fact, it's a very good thing for your work and future ( For this point , It seems to be the consensus of many programmers . If there is a suitable one , It's not a loss to leave ). Another job hopping thing , In fact, it will affect your future development path to a certain extent , In today's propaganda , Programmers seem to be a young meal .

​ therefore , Design for own career planning , It's also something that many programmers need to face . Among the many routes , Final destination “ architect ” as well as “ project manager ” No doubt it is the ultimate goal of many people . So the time and energy you need to reach your final goal , Do you think about it ? And for job hopping , Or programmers who feel confused about the future ,
The most fundamental problem is “ money ” And unclear identity .

​ At this point, large factories are undoubtedly much better than small ones , They are obviously more direct in terms of salary and promotion route . In the promotion route of big factory , For example, new students usually enter the factory P5, So the more reasonable development route is ,2 Annual rise P6, Again 3 Annual rise P7, Again 4 Annual rise P8, Leave the back to God . But for programmers in small factories , Because there is no clear hierarchical route , Plus the pay uncertainty , Sometimes you will lose your determination to pursue the goal , So as to stabilize the current situation , See that the salary is over ten thousand , I feel satisfied .
Finally, the so-called “ Boiled frog in warm water ” Phenomenon of .

​ Of course, the salary is much higher than other industries , Meet what you call money needs , But the gap between you and other people in the same class also appears . So , Enter as intentional IT For industry partners , Continuous learning needs to be carried out to the end , Don't be covered by the petty profit in front of you , Don't forget to be a programmer , Only in this way can we keep improving .
​ Maybe some friends are still confused when they see it here , hear nothing of Damon What is the target and annual salary range ?Damon Just give us some data , For your reference :

First tier cities take Shenzhen as an example , At present, fresh students are basically on annual salary 10-15W about ,3 Annual basic salary 30-35W about , and 5 Annual salary is basic 50W about .
Second tier cities take Hangzhou as an example , The current basic annual salary of new students is 5-10W about ,3 The year of 25W about , and 5 The year of 40-45W about .

​ Of course it is JAVA, Other technologies don't have much power because they're not very deep . So you see these salaries , You can compare , Are you up to standard today . Of course, some of them may have a low starting point , It's actually a normal thing . After all, today's training institutions also lower the price to some extent , In addition, this year's market , It is also difficult for small partners who are not very solid in technology . But the data is only part of it , More still need to see your pursuit after .

All right , Let's write today's . later stage Damon It will also publish some technology classes from time to time , Interview and chicken soup articles , I hope you like it . If there are some technical deficiencies, I hope you can forgive me , Of course, if there's a typo , If you can understand OK( Sometimes it's too fast ).

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