The installation steps are as follows :

1, double-click mysql-installer-community-, Start installation , Until the following interface is met :

2, click Finish, conduct MySQL to configure :


* Developer Machine( Develop test class ,mysql Little occupancy
resources )
* Server Machine( Server type ,mysql Occupy more resources )
* Dedicated MySQL Server Machine( Dedicated database server ,mysql Occupy all available resources )
* Choose according to your own type , I defaulted to the first .


* Multifunctional Database( Versatile , good )
* Transactional Database Only( Server type , Focus on transactions , commonly )
* Non-Transactional Database Only( Non transactional , Simpler , Mainly do some monitoring , For counting , Yes MyISAM
Data type support is limited to non-transactional)
* Choose according to your own type , I defaulted to the first .

5, Use default location selected , Press directly “Next” continue .

6, I choose here “Manual Setting”, Set up 1400, It should be enough , Ha ha ha , Press “Next” continue

7, I chose to enable , Put the tick on the front ,Port Number:3306( Usually 3306). Press “Next” continue .

8, Choose the third one here , And then Character Set Select or fill in there “utf8”. Press “Next” continue .

9, Can be specified Service Name( Service ID name ), I also chose the default :MySQL, Press “Next” continue .

10, Set password , It's the same twice . Press “Next” continue .

11, Press “Execute” Make settings effective .

12, Tick all four , Installation succeeded .
( Here is a common mistake , Just can't “Start service”, Usually because of the previous installation mysql
Server uninstall is not clean ; If not , Check to see if you follow the above steps , Whether the previous password has been modified , Do as above ; If it still doesn't work , take mysql Under the installation directory data
Folder backup , Then delete , After installation , Will install the generated data folders removing , Backed up data Folder move back , Restart again mysql
Just the service , In this case , You may need to check the database , Then fix it once , Prevent data errors .)

13, Install visualizer navicat8_mysql_cs.exe, always Next, Start icon on desktop after installation .

14, Click Register , Enter registration code , Name and organization need not be filled in

15, The interface is as follows :

16, You need to add MySQL connect , Enter the previously set password :

17, Connection name can be selected by yourself , Click Connect test :

Indicates that the database connection was created successfully , Click OK , Double click on the left localhost connect , open MySQL Database connection .

You can find the installation package link in the comment area

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