Just finished Baidu Big Data Intern Position , It's still hot , So my first interview was dedicated to Baidu , I think the interviewer is very nice, I'm under 30 years old , A lot of questions are discussed , There will be some hints in the middle . enter BAT Any internship has always been my dream , Here is a summary for me to play better in the future , At the same time, it also provides reference for the small partners who are going to Baidu , I hope you don't have my problems .

Received Baidu at noon yesterday HR Notice of , There will be a telephone interview at two this afternoon , Only one day to prepare , Time is tight , I think HR Since I read my resume, I'm here for an interview , So I'm going to take a look at what's on my resume ( Remember to be authentic , Don't brag , hey , It's tears to say more ...). On the Internet, Baidu will ask about data structure and algorithm , I also have a look at the main algorithms of data structure , Watch the time from 1 spot 50 here we are 2 spot , Answer that sentence , The most important thing is not the exam , But wait for the exam . No bullshit , get down to business .

1. Introduce yourself

A brief introduction to the projects of my graduate students , Awards for undergraduate

2. Ask about the items on the resume

I have two projects on my resume , One was one of them in the first year of research Java project , Second, what our lab has done Hadoop Experiment of . The interviewer focused on the second project , Because it's related to the position

(1) Asked the principle of the second order , This one's on my resume , It's not easy to express in words ,/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ The answer is not very good , It would be better to draw a picture for the on-site interview

(2) Because I don't describe it clearly , Let me introduce him wordcount Fundamentals ,balabala Said a word , The interviewer said the introduction was ok ( Fillip )

(3) Lecture mapreduce Configuration optimization

(4) A practical problem :mapreduce program ,reduce stage ,key How to deal with it when we gather together ?

(5) Another practical problem : Write a statistic pv Procedure for number of visits , The input file has two columns : A column url, A column pv Number of visits ( This program is similar to wordcount Statistical procedure )

(6) Last issue upgrade , If this file has three columns : Add a column cookie, Count the number of address visits after de duplication ( Same address access ,cookie The same value is one time ), I need to customize data types to do this , The interviewer guided me : Partition files first , And then it's going to be heavy . Finally, I didn't express the method of the interviewer's prompt .

3. Database

Yes left join,right join,inner join No good answer , Proficient database written on resume ( The rhythm of death o(╯□╰)o)

4. “ Ask a simple data structure algorithm ”

Interviewer's original words , But it's easy , Only the principle and complexity of quick sorting are asked , The complexity is wrong , So sad

5. Ask me any questions about my position

The interview was quite easy , It's easier than I thought , But I didn't answer very well , What needs to be strengthened in the future :

1. Resume must be realistic , Never exaggerate

2. Interview essential data structure , An indispensable fast sorting algorithm for data structure

The interviewer finally said let me wait for the notice , Being pass It's normal to fall , I'm lucky to get in , Whatever the outcome , make persistent efforts !

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