How to delete chat record completely by wechat ? Finally back to work , During this period of time, my friends didn't live the same life at home as Xiaobian , From living room to bedroom , From sofa to bed , having dinner , Sleep? , Mobile phone keeps cycling , Live like a pig ahead of time . It's boring to stay at home for a long time , The best way to solve the problem is to play games or chat with friends via wechat , Talk a lot , There are some secrets in wechat , It's going to be exposed , Next, I'll teach you a few ways to delete the chat record through wechat , Remember that .

Delete method 1 : Wipe out mobile data completely
How to delete chat record completely by wechat ? Wipe out the data in the mobile phone completely , The phone is formatted , Of course, we can't see the data .
The operation method is also simple : Fans turn on the phone settings , currency , reduction , Erase all content and settings , Then turn it back on and you'll find it empty .
This operation is simple and rough , Except for wechat records , It will have a great impact on our life and work , Because of your memo , Photo , mail list , SMS will also have an impact .

Delete method 2 : Delete wechat file
How to delete chat record completely by wechat ? Wechat is the same as other software , A storage folder will also be formed in our mobile phone , A lot of partners may not know which one . Let's take android as an example ,

Operation method : Can open file management and folders , Click to enter , Then click internal storage , find Tencent Folder for , There's a MicroMsg Folder for , This is our wechat storage folder , Delete it all .

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