Time is running .

   Twinkling of an eye , More than two months have passed .

  “ Well ! Lin Xiao , Don't go . How is your project doing ?”

  “ Yeah , Lin Xiao . Don't hurry , Show us your project .”

  “ Zhang Jian says he has finished , But we're all waiting for you .”

  “ Yeah yeah ! We're all waiting .”

   Look around at the students looking forward to the eyes , Lin Xiao put down his computer bag , Said with a wry smile :“ I really haven't finished , I guess it's almost finished when I come back to class on Sunday .”

  “ Lin Xiao , You're not good , You can't hide it .”

  “ Yeah , At the speed of your study , Zhang Jiandu is finished , How could you not have finished .”

  “ Isn't it ! Lin Xiao , You're not going to hold back and do something for us ?”

  “ I think it's possible , Last project presentation , Didn't Lin Xiao let it go once ?”

  “ It's a big move , Guys are freaked out .”

  “ Isn't it !”

  “ Lin Xiao , This time, you don't have to do anything , Just write it , Let's see first .”

   I watched the students all around me , Lin Xiao's heart is helpless .

   He has a trick !

   Lin Xiao hasn't finished this time !

   In fact, if we follow the normal speed , Lin Xiao's project should have been finished long ago , But when Lin Xiao was studying this second part , I can't help but write something .

   What do you write for ?

   Pretend to be forced !

   When I was in the first part , except swing That one can be forced out , There's nothing else to put on , Because you don't need an interface , Song Gang, they can't understand it at all .

   People can't understand how to pretend ?

   I can't pretend !

   So Lin Xiao is depressed !

   But the second part is different , Lin Xiao found out this learning , This part , It's so special. It can be loaded everywhere !

   For example , Write a simple web page and force it ?

   Make a button on the web page , Click it, pop up a prompt box, you can install it ?

   The same button , Click to jump to another webpage and force it ?

   After jumping to another page , Another button , Click to go back to the original webpage. You can also install it ?

   So let's go , It can be recycled ?

   Maybe it's a little monotonous , Then just use the database .

   Can be saved , Can be deleted , You can check , Can be changed .

   Four more postures !

   Yes, of course , That's not enough .

   It's okay to change CSS, Make the page look different , In an instant, there are countless postures .

   to make a long story short ,HTML/CSS/JS These three , Plus databases and JSP/Servlet, Lin Xiao can be forced to act in different positions .

   It's just , It's hard for Song Gang and Liu Jun .

   Why there is no Wu Xiong ?

   Because Wu Xiong is home !

   Why are you home ?

   Because Wu Xiong was tortured by Lin Xiao , It's a mental breakdown .

   Go back to the bedroom every day , Song Gang and his three will face Lin Xiao's various forced postures .

   actually , To see all kinds of ugly web pages , And experience all kinds of boring functions .

   What is it like? It's all red , Webpage with big green background .

   Or click a button to pop it up for you “Hello World”.

   It's almost everything .

   What makes Song Gang three crazy is , Lin Xiao not only showed them , And they have to order every function .

   If you don't , Or not ?

   All right !

   Then Lin Xiao started the chatter mode .

   Lin Xiao also knows , He can't beat these three sports school guys , So I can only use my mouth .

   Repeat the same sentence every time .

  “ Do you see , Do you want to order ...... Do you see , Do you want to order ......”

   The three of them are really dizzy , You have to compromise every time .

   Lin Xiao is also very interesting , As long as three people are obedient , Take a look , It's time , He would stop harassing the three people of Song Gang .

   however , Suddenly one day Wu Xiong found out , He's always thinking about it now ,“ Do you see , Do you want to order ...... Do you see , Do you want to order ......”

   This time, Wu Xiong was totally scared .

   Just now it's summer vacation again , Wu Xiong went home decisively , He's afraid he'll stay , What's the mental problem .

   That's it. , Except for Lin Xiao in the dormitory , Only Song Gang and Liu Jun are left .

   Think of this , Lin Xiao is a little depressed .

   Is it so terrible ?

   Scared people away .

   Think like this , Lin Xiao still thinks his classmates are lovely , Since the last attempt , Every time I come to the classroom , Students are surrounded by stars and the moon .

   Such treatment , Lin Xiao hasn't experienced it for a long time .

   This is the power of technology !

   however , Lin Xiao is also very clear , The reason why we have so much support for ourselves , In addition to the admiration for their own strength , More of them want to come from themselves , Get some help in learning .

   It's normal , After all, let's talk about it , It's just a classmate relationship , No one will please you for no reason , If you really think everyone's behind your ass every day , Just adore your words , You take yourself too seriously .

   Zhang Jian made such a mistake before .

   be haughty because of one's master's love and indulgence !

   The result is , Once one day you don't have value , It's likely to be abandoned by the public immediately , Even accidentally , You'll be trampled on by someone who loves to remember revenge .

   therefore , In order to avoid the follow-up of buzhangjian , Lin Xiao decides , Make the project as soon as possible , Otherwise , Once we've run out of patience , I may lose my heart .

   You may even be mistaken for yourself , I'm not willing to give you the project .

   By then , If you want to save people's hearts , But it's hard .

   therefore , When Lin Xiao thought of this , I picked up my computer bag decisively , Left the classroom in a hurry .

   He's going back to the project as soon as possible .

   however , Before leaving , Lin Xiao left a message for the students .

  “ Give me three days , I'll come here with the project on Sunday !”


   Three days later , It's Sunday in a flash .

   In these three days , Lin Xiao almost put all his energy into it , They're all in the project .

   In fact, the second stage of this project , It's not that complicated , It's a supermarket management system , It contains the supermarket bill , Management functions of suppliers and users , It also includes the most basic login and rights management functions .

   As far as these functions are concerned , Lin Xiao basically takes two days .

   But the problem is , The project Lin Xiao did in the first stage was so unexpected .

   thus , If this second stage project , It's just a basic function , When you get the project , There must be some disappointment .

   therefore , This second project must be different .

   But how can we make the project different ?

   It's obviously unrealistic to add functions , It's too late .

   To make some high-end functions , Lin Xiao asks himself that he can't do anything high-end at present .

   What can I do ?

   Lin Xiao has some regrets now , I shouldn't have thought about putting pressure in my bedroom , Although this is to consolidate their knowledge , But he wasted a lot of time on it , And now it's a little bit of a loss .

   In these three days , Lin Xiao has spent a lot of time on this matter .

   At this time , Lin Xiaocai knows , Before I pretended to be too fierce , This is actually a hole for myself !

   Now he has been held high , I can't help it .

   That's what we call “ It's easier to fight than to defend ”, It's one thing .

   however , It's too late to say anything now .

   Lin Xiao wants to come and go , Maybe there's only one way , We can save him .

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