Another graduation season , A wave of programmers will enter the battlefield again .

Unconsciously, the thought of graduation is beyond one hand , Think about the last time I was at school 21 century 10 years . I've been in the programmer business for several years . Before this wave of programmers entered the battlefield , Talk about the bitterness and joy of these years . Students who want to or are about to enter the pit , Think carefully !

Programmer fun

I think the greatest pleasure of the programmer profession a Because it's not a completely repetitive profession . Write program , Develop software , It's not a simple repetitive muscle work , More mental work . Compared with the repetitive labor day after day in the factory production line , I think , Happy are those who work in the brain , Although they may lose more hair .

The pleasure of creation

This kind of non repetitive labor will have great creativity , And creation itself can bring people pure happiness , It's like a child can play with mud without knowing hunger , Painters can forget to eat and sleep for their new works , An architect can stay up for a design , Programmers can also stay up all night to finish the program .

I often joke with my friends , Programmers, too “ artist ”. Actually, think about the painter's painting , Musicians create music , Writers write articles ...... They are all born out of nothing , The process of creation . And programmers write programs , Make software , It's also a nothing out of nothing , It's a process of creating things . Why not be called an artist ?

Magic power

The process of creation will embody a magic power , Assemble small parts in different ways , Watch them run , And get what you expect . You want to be the commander of the whole thing , The whole process is fascinating . This sense of control is fascinating .

The process of creation can give people pure happiness , The results will give people a great sense of achievement , Look at the line of code that we typed out, and it will print the result , Draw a figure , Make a sound ...... A magical scene in a myth , It's a reality here .

And if what we create can be used by others , Can help others , Then it will bring us more pleasure . Happiness sometimes comes from being a useful person , We can make something useful to others . Everyone has a deep desire to be needed by the society and others . There's nothing like watching our work be needed , It's more enjoyable to be able to help others .

Fun of learning

Learning makes me happy !

It's because of the non repetition of programmer's work , creativity . You need to keep learning . Learning new ideas , New technology ......

And learning new things is fun . And that's what I felt when I was in this industry after graduation , When I was in school, I was always forced to learn , So it's full of resistance to learning . And after work, it's more voluntary , Out of interest . Every time we learn a new skill , New knowledge points , There will always be a kind of inexplicable joy . So that the longer I work, the more I miss and admire the school time , But I can't go back .

Programmer's troubles

Programmer's work is full of fun , But it also contains a lot of troubles .

Dull labor

Ten thousand Zhang tall buildings rise from the ground , They were all built by workers one by one . The same goes for programs and software . The largest software is written in one line of code . And unlike architects , Architects only need to design , By the workers . Most of the time, programmers need to implement their own design , Even the design of others . Creation is pleasant , The process of realization is also boring and dreary .

Miscellaneous and trivial Bug

The creation of procedure will inevitably produce its subsidiary products ——Bug, Even though you don't want this product , But it can't be avoided . You have to be ready for it , And be patient to find out why it happened , Spend a lot of time looking up mistakes , debugging , And solve it . It doesn't matter if it's created by you or not .

Involuntarily helpless

There are many helpless in the profession of programmer .

Although the program is created by you , Many times it's up to others to set goals , Supply resources , Provide information .

Many times we can't decide our working environment , working hours .

We have to be within limited time and effective resources , Looking for practical solutions to practical problems .

Sometimes we have to rely on other people's things . Sometimes it's a very painful thing , Often these programs are not designed properly , Poor implementation , Incomplete release ( No source code or test cases ), Or the documentation is bad .

Sometimes we have to create according to someone else's design , Even though these designs are bad like shit .

Sometimes we have to play the role of a screw in a large team system , You have to submit to the existing rules , Although you have a lot of ideas , Excellent design , But it's not enough to kill a thief


Loss without return

I used to put a lot of effort into the products of my first company , Put in countless overtime day and night , In my best years of youth , In the end, I paid so much for this product, but it failed to reach the market for various reasons . You have to and can only accept this result , When you put in a lot of hard work , When the product is about to be completed or finally completed , But it's out of date . It's also possible that colleagues and competitors are already chasing new ones , Better ideas .......

The pressure of continuous learning

In this rapidly developing society , product , The development of technology is changing with each passing day , Survival of the fittest . So you have to keep learning , Although learning will bring us fun , But it will also bring us a lot of pressure . Maybe in your twenties, you can still have energy , Ability to learn to accept new things , So 30 , forty years old , Fifty years old ? Facing the pressure of middle age , Do you have the energy of today when your brain degenerates , Physical strength and courage ?

The sadness of early career

And teachers , The older doctors are, the more popular they are, the different careers they work for , Programmer is undoubtedly an early career . Maybe there are many people envious of the slightly higher salary in the programmer industry . But I don't know it's time , Using youth , With hair , In exchange for the body . The influx of more and more people , Make the industry more and more competitive , It also encourages some unhealthy tendencies , Unpaid overtime , No bottom line to squeeze labor ...... In my twenties, I dare to fight , And after 30 , body , time , No energy to compete with young people . More and more people are facing unemployment , It's just because I overdraw too much time and energy in the early stage , No time to learn and develop other skills . Facing unemployment, we have nothing to do .

《 Myth of man and moon 》 A Book , Compare the industry to a tar pit , No matter who you are , Whether you are strong or not , Just get involved , It's hard to get out of it , To the end . This is the programmer , A creative activity of coexistence of pleasure and distress . For some people, the joy is greater than the pain , And for some people, the pain is greater than the pleasure .

This is the programmer , A lot of people struggle , A career full of pain and happiness !

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