One , What is a product ?

In a broad sense, a product can be put on the market , For people's use and consumption , Everything that meets its needs . Specifically : It is the carrier and specific form of expression aiming at enterprise operation , It is commercial in nature .

Maybe it's more abstract , Let's give you an example , For example, the trees we see on the road are not products , But one day, someone found that making wood into tables and chairs could sell money , So tables and chairs became products , Because it carries this person's “ Business objectives ”, And it has specific forms ( Tables and chairs ).

Two , What is Internet Product Manager

Internet product manager refers to a function responsible for the design and promotion of Internet products .

It's actually easier to understand , But the main thing I want to say is :

“ product manager ” It's a function, not a position , Like a company's CEO Or product manager , As long as you have relevant professional ability and thinking mode .

Three , Responsibilities of product manager

The workflow of the product manager is as follows :

market research → requirement analysis → product design → Product development → Product acceptance → Online promotion and release → Product operation → Product iteration

Next, let's carefully analyze the work content of each link of the product :

1. Product research

Research market , Understand customer needs , Competition , Existing resource advantages of the company , Explore potential opportunities in the industry .
As product manager , We need to be clear about the target users of our products , And market status , And industry prospect , You can't build a car behind closed doors .

We can conduct market research in the following ways :
(1) Communicate with users and potential users ( questionnaire , User interview, etc )
(2) With operational colleagues directly facing customers ( Such as operation , attract investment , Customer service, etc ) communication
(3) Research industry market analysis report and articles
(4) Competitive analysis
(5) Product operation data analysis
At this time, our deliverables are :《 Market demand document (MRD)》《 Competitive product analysis report 》 etc.

2. requirement analysis

Complete product definition , Sort out what needs to be done in the current product , It includes the following information :
(1) Product background
(2) Target market positioning
(3) Core business process
(4) Detailed description of functions
(5) Priority of requirement function
At this time, our deliverables are :《 Product design scheme 》,《 Core business flow chart 》《 List of functional requirements 》 etc.

3. product design

This stage mainly determines the appearance of the product , Including user interface design and user interaction design , Include all user experience parts . The specific work is as follows :

(1) Prototype drawing
(2) Write interaction notes
(3) perfect PRD file
At this time, our deliverables are :《PRD Product requirements document 》,《UI design sketch 》
4. Product development

This stage mainly depends on the R & D department , The responsibility of product personnel is to coordinate various resources , Ensure that the product can be carried out according to the development plan . The main work is as follows :

(1) Ensure investment in R & D resources (iOS/Android/UI/ Backstage, etc )
(2) Develop project development plan
(3) Follow up the progress of the project according to the plan
(4) Report the progress of the project to the leader, and then our deliverables are :《 Product development plan 》,《 Development schedule – Gantt chart 》
5. Product acceptance

Acceptance of R & D delivered products , There are two steps : Product testing and acceptance .
(1) Product testing : R & D team submits test products , Test personnel shall make corresponding test plan , And complete the product test according to the plan .
(2) Product acceptance : Check whether the developed products meet the design standards , Coordinate the operators to check whether the products meet the online operation standards . At this time, our deliverables are : Get a deliverable product after testing
6. Online release

Before release , The product manager needs to explain all the products , Ensure the smooth operation of products after being put online , Its specific work contents include :
(1) Product presentation training , The content includes : Product use process, etc
(2) Write product manual
(3) Product FAQ
(4) Cooperate with operation to make sales manual
(5) Cooperate with the promoters to prepare soft papers , media ( Some new media , Wechat or Weibo, etc ), At this time, our deliverables include :《 Product manual 》,《 Operating sales instruction manual 》
7. Product operation

The product enters the market-oriented stage after going online , At this time, the main responsibilities of the product manager are two (1) Communicate with operators : Assist in solving product problems encountered in operation (2) Data analysis : Statistics and analysis of key data indicators of products , Prepare for product iterations when our deliverables are :《 Data analysis report 》
8. Product iteration

According to the planning of the project and the need for iteration when going online , Next iteration of the product . At this time, our deliverables are :《 Version update plan specification 》 If we've all done this , So congratulations , You are already a qualified product manager , Your product must not be too bad .

Four , What is the role of product manager in the team ?

The product manager's role in the team is similar to a help , belt , The translation role of biography , Mainly responsible for team motivation , Strong execution , Coordination and communication , Follow up products , Resource these jobs , Is the core of a product team .

Five , from 0~1 Design product canvas

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