The important thing is to know before doing anything , The same with IOT network card , In order to avoid accidents during the use , In case of emergency of IOT network card , How to operate , So understanding these precautions has become one of the important tasks , Do you understand the precautions during the use of IOT network card ? Let's have a detailed understanding with MS Yuan Wu Lian .


   Due to the stability of IOT network card , High cost performance , Therefore, enterprises generally purchase IOT network cards for equipment networking , And in the use process, there are often some unexpected situations , Want to avoid it in time , The key is to understand the precautions in use , therefore , In use , I've sorted out some common emergencies for you , It's also very important :


   Do you understand the precautions during the use of IOT network card


  1, The cancellation period of IOT network card is 2 Months , Outstanding fees 2 It will be cancelled in months .


  2, After the IOT network card is inserted and activated on the device , It is recommended not to replace the device of IOT card at will , So as not to be used normally .


  2, If the package you buy can't meet the needs of the device in the process of use , Be sure to change the package in time ( Effective in the month of monthly package , Long cycle package takes effect immediately ), When the flow is insufficient, you must buy the fuel bag in time , Security package and other package emergency .


  3, When changing packages , If there is anything unclear, please consult the agent in time , In case the equipment fails to operate normally .


  4, It's no use looking for an operator after sales , Be sure to find an agent to connect with you

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