I am a senior this year , Communication Engineering , Huawei R & D signed before National Day , Because I read a lot of written interview summaries about major companies on the Internet before , It helps me a lot , therefore , I also give a little of my strength , Provide some references for the students who are looking for jobs . I hope you can find a good work !( Only for software development ~~~)

One , get ready ( very important )
you 're right , This is particularly important , We all know that we need to prepare for postgraduate entrance examination , Maybe I will spend all day reading in the study room next semester , In fact, to find a job needs more preparation . When I decided not to take the postgraduate entrance examination , I started to prepare for my job search .
I think , The second semester of junior year , We need to make sure that we will do R & D later , Or non research and development , Because through the study of freshmen to juniors , You should know your strength better , Is it suitable for research and development , Make your own judgment . Suggest that you want to do research and development in the future , At least from sophomore year , Learn a language , Keep learning , Opportunities to participate in various competitions , Results don't matter , I studied hard , I wish I had learned something .

If it's junior year , I haven't written much code , But I want to do research and development , that , Be sure to start learning programming seriously , Learn and master at least one language , Write more , Look at other people's programs , Read more books with basic knowledge , Then make sure to summarize , accumulation , Hold on like this , It's ok . Remember , Don't waste time , Especially the students who decide not to take the postgraduate entrance examination .

If the University lasts three years , You're not really interested in programming , Let's look at the principle of communication , computer network , These are a little far from programming , You can also practice eloquence , Practice English , Technical service or sales related positions , It's all pretty good .

in short , Whether it's R & D or non R & D , Be prepared , At least , Summer vacation in junior year should be prepared carefully , Because there's a lot of recruitment from the beginning of senior year . There is no good or bad job position , Suitable for your own development , It's a really good job !

Two , Interview process

first , You have to look at the sword finger offer, The beauty of programming , Try to program .HW Programming problems of , Many are string operations , And base conversion , It's better to oj Do more , Reference value , Can also adapt to the system .

HW The recruitment is divided into sending resumes , Machine test , interview , To sign up again , In about half a month .

Machine test

First of all, let's talk about delivering resumes , If you want to enter Huawei , So send your resume earlier , It is usually delivered in August , It's said that early delivery , Will be screened early , Early entry test . I delivered it at the end of August , And then I got it 9.12 Machine test notice of . Although it's said on the Internet that Huawei machine test is very water and so on , And I heard that if you do the right question, you can enter the interview ....... That's right , however , Please note that , Machine test results will affect your interview , because HW It's a scoring mechanism , First engine test results , It directly affects the interviewer's preference for you during the interview . yes , Some students only submitted resumes , No machine test , I also received the interview notice , But through , Unless it's good , Otherwise .....
actually HW Written examination questions are also the basic procedures for examination and comparison , And their internal oj The platform can practice , Do more , Familiar with the platform , It will be much better .

See everybody make complaints about it. HW Of oj platform , In fact, at the beginning, I always felt that , The program runs on its own. That's right , But it just can't pass , And then I thought , I'm sure my program is not comprehensive enough , Will not pass , So just calm down , See the topic well , Test your own program , Stop complaining about the system .

one side
stay 9.25 I received the interview notice , The interview was a big one , There are so many people , But I think , It's not a mess , Very orderly , Each link is arranged in place , It's really good management .

Interview process , It mainly talks about why we do research and development , And University projects , Internships and the like , Detailed a better project , And then the details have to be made clear . Then the interviewer will ask about some basic data structures , Database and other problems , Learned , Seriously summarized , It's usually answered .
One side finished, two sides directly , And the last . On both sides, I basically asked about what I wrote on my resume , And then we talked about something else , Career planning is over .

Summarize the interview : First of all, prepare carefully in advance , Be familiar with everything on your resume , If you have a project, you must make it clear , What did you do in this project , Solved those problems , How to solve , Include details , realization .

Three , Signing
I got it 9.27 Notice of signing , I'm in a good mood , No more writing , Everyone may react differently !
in short , Students looking for jobs , Be prepared early , Opportunities are always reserved for those who have made preparations . And then there's the , Any one good offer, It's not easy to get , Unless you make a lot of efforts .

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