Just received from the new company offer,  Beyond joy , I also make a summary of my work and study in the last year .

8 When the month comes to the present company , Yes java Little is known , Just to understand some basic concepts ( Because I didn't study in college C++, Nothing about object-oriented , These basic concepts of object-oriented make me have a lot of trouble , I'm a little stupid , Laugh ), Never worked on a project . I was given a week or two to familiarize myself with the environment , Then enter the project team to start work , Give one piece , Time limited completion , There's nothing to say , At that time, I was a little fluffy . Because it's new , See what I used spring,hibernate,jboss,cvs,maven,vss,rose What , Never heard of it . alas , Put it on your head . Because it's an outsourcing project , It's just logic to make a real discovery , I'm good at it , Ah , It turns out , I did case There are many in the project team . That's it. , Four or five months of code , project over. We have a little spare time, too , Start looking back to understand the project , I learned a lot during this period . Then I participated in two projects , And do some basic work , There's nothing technical about what you do , But in the process of doing it, I understand something in combination with the project itself , Yeah j2ee The knowledge used in the development process has a certain degree of familiarity . And then there's a recently completed project , I do a lot of technical work in this project , Including the construction of system architecture ,subversion Construction and maintenance of server ,ajax Function realization , Common paging processing, etc . This is my first time , Get help and guidance from many colleagues in this process , Thank you .

Now think about leaving the company , I'm still a little attached , Although I met some unsatisfactory places here , But from the perspective of personal development , Relatively good , I hope the new company will be better in this regard .

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