If an idiot can fly , Then my company is an airport .

All men are born equal , Except for marriage .

Can we find a place to have a drink , Make a friend ? Or say , Or I'll give you my wallet directly ?   

I think , As long as I have a little more humility , I'm the perfect person .   

If you need advice or advice , We will provide it free of charge ; If you need the right answer , Please pay separately .   

past times , When the alarm goes off , I often have the trouble of taking a picture of it before I go to sleep , But since I put three mouse clips next to the alarm clock , My problems were eradicated .   

If Beethoven is the father of Symphony , So is Beethoven's father the master of Symphony ?   

I've done a lot of stupid things , But I don't care , My friend calls it confidence .   

The Blind Association sincerely advises you : Never drive after drinking .   

I think I should lose weight , Last time I donated blood , There's a hundred milliliters of lard coming out .   

Experiment with two worms . The one in the whiskey is dead , Prove that you don't have worms in your stomach when drinking whisky .   

My creativity is beyond description , My ability to work is beyond description , My writing ability is beyond description .   

If the computer is rebooted every time , Bill Gates can get a dollar , Then he's going to send it .

Ten Years From Now , The court sentenced the murderer to death for the second time .   

I pretend to work for the boss , The boss pretended to pay me .   

My wife and I have 18 I haven't spoken in months , I didn't have a chance to interrupt her .   

Have you ever heard the big pig say yes , Pig says no story ?   

I never watch TV , I just check whether the TV program in the newspaper is misprinted .   

Your eyes are like the bright moon in the sky , A junior one ; One fifteen .   

Why don't you know something ? My uncle is here , How can you think of going to the zoo to see the bear ?   

My eyesight is very poor , for instance , Do you see that pushpin on the wall over there ? You can see it , And I can't see it .   

Every day I keep setting a new world record -- The days I've lived in the world .   

In the Internet world , Your girlfriend may be a man , And your boyfriend might be a woman , It's painful , But you have to accept .   

Your shooting results are terrible , If I were you , I'll kill myself right away , In case you need more bullets .   

If you want to go hungry with a tiger , Then you win .   

I pinned the TV remote to my waist , Make a look of buying a new mobile phone .   

It's just that money doesn't make you happy , So I stole some jewelry , stamp , Watch or something   

Life is so boring , One of my buddies borrowed it from me last month 4000 Yuan , Say you're going to have a plastic surgery , And now I have no idea what he's like   

Note to robbers : Our staff only know Spanish , Please be patient when robbing , It's better to take a translator with you , thank you !   

You're blind ? You can't see such a big shield , I'm going to throw rocks at my head !   

everybody ! Today is my wife 30 Birthday 10 Anniversary !   

I lost all my money , We lost all our furniture , I lost all my clothes , I'm going out like an Arab .   

I'm forgetful , So my wife always told me , Don't take an umbrella when you go out on a rainy day , So there are ten umbrellas at home now .   

Except for one , The rest of the columns are well filled in , Relationship should be filled in with mother-in-law , Instead of being nervous .   

Dad hit me twice today , For the first time, I saw my two point report card , The second time because he was a kid .   

Tragedy is like I accidentally cut off my little finger ; Comedy is like you accidentally fall into a sewer .   

When arguing , The difference between men and women is like the difference between rifles and machine guns .   

below , I will announce Mr. Smith's will , Before the will is published , I would like to ask in good faith , Mrs Smith , Would you like to accept my proposal ?   

Don't call your child a bunny , Because in terms of genetics , It's not good for parents .   

wife , I shouldn't have wiped my shoes with a sheet , But I just came back from my business trip , I can't change it for a while , I was wrong .   

To improve product safety , We decided to stamp the lid of the coke bottle : Please open this end ; Stamp the bottom of the bottle : Please open the other end .   

reporter : According to the latest ** According to the survey , People's concern about current affairs at home and abroad is very low , Mr. councillor , What do you think of this ? an mp : Didn't look


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