Used QQ Space knows how to view access records , Of course, more visitors need to be recharged .

But I used wechat , Wechat can't view friends' circle access record .

2019 year 2 In the month , A screenshot of the latest version of wechat update log has been streamed on the Internet .

Updated function display :

* newly added : Visit function of circle of friends
* Function of staying time in circle of friends .
fortunately , Wechat team refutes rumors in time , Soothed those restless hearts ……

Witty me , Fortunately, I found a visitor artifact , Not only can you see how many people have looked at your circle of friends .
You can also know who they are , How long did you watch it , How many have you seen .

wechat Work weight No 【dotnet Full stack development 】 Internal reply to visitors , Look at the QR code on the right , You can get this artifact

The first 1 step :

After entering the tool , Click on the bottom “ Microphone ” Button , Record a voice .( When clicking on the microphone , If the system asks if it can obtain recording function , Please click “ yes ”)

Because at present this tool , You can only view records by publishing voice , So first you need to record voice .

The first 2 step :

After recording voice , sure “ Audition ”, Click if you have no problem “ complete ”. If not satisfied , You can click “ Record again ”, Until you're satisfied “ complete ”.

The first 3 step :

After voice recording , Will jump to one “*** Voice circle of friends ” page , Click on the “···”, choice “ Share with friends ”.

The first 4 step :

After sharing successfully , This voice will show the idiom state in the circle of friends , Like the picture below .

Come here , Your operation has been completed , Then you can check the visitor record .

The first 5 step :

When someone goes through your circle of friends , Click this voice to enter , His head and nickname will appear below your voice , You will know who visited you , Click the button to “ View all visitor records ”.

above , It's the whole procedure !

Here are some questions asked by small partners :

① How to delete published voice ?

Enter the voice friend circle you released , Click at the bottom of the page “ home page ”, Then enter “ my ”, Find your voice , Slide left to delete .

② Not my friend , Or deleted by me / Friends of Lahei , Can you see this voice circle of friends ?

At present, the voice generated by this tool is open , If anyone sees this voice , And enter , It'll leave a record , So not a friend , Friends deleted , Friends have been blacklisted , As long as you can access this voice , You can see it all .

③ How to view the specific visiting time of visitors ?

“ View all visitor records ” Page of , Each visitor's nickname is followed by the corresponding visit time .

stay wechat Reply in the ID to learn more secrets !

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