This post is in Chongqing North Railway Station SBUSKS It says , The 4:30 p.m. train , But I'm really in the dark because I'm late , In view of this, I came to North Square to wait for the bus at a little more . So now, whether it's by train or by train AIR If you walk early when time permits , One is definitely not late , Second, we can think about life or technology , After all, I think there are big problems in my current technology and life ( Now I can realize , I hope it's not too late ).

So I thought about it , Still willing to write some thoughts sometimes , It feels like this kind of thing is simple and fluent , Almost at your fingertips , Familiar but not vulgar [ facepalm ]. I've been thinking about job hopping for a long time , But the inner world is very tangled , Actually, I have some friends in Chongqing , circle , also
Very willing to settle down in Chongqing , Live a stable life , Because there is no mistaking of beishangguang that doesn't believe in love here , helplessness , jostle one another on the way . Go to the street to eat noodles when you are hungry , Gone with the wind , When it's wilted, call out some friends to blow the dragon's gate array , I can feel the water and fog so cordially here , People here , matter , Jing makes me feel that I am still a post-90s with a fresh soul , Here I feel the gentleness of Chongqing girls and men , The people here say love , Understand life , Yearning for beauty . That's why I've been drunk for so many times , they , They moved me , It's also because of these positive mental energies that make me go from down to up again and again , From malaise to ‘ Walking upright ’, From aimless to sword pointing . A word from my heart “ Chongqing , I love you! , Love through and through ”.

  however , I'm the only one who can save myself , I have to leave , I still don't know how to say goodbye to Chongqing , Because I failed too much . Photoelectric Park , Dalong mountain , Ranjiaba , Dashiba is an unforgettable place , There are tears and sweat in Chongqing , Hope to get your forgiveness . Since I was alone in Chongqing, I still go to DALONGSHAN occasionally , Ranjiaba , There's too much left , Walking on the road after work to see Da Longshan's shoemaker , Watch fixing glasses uncle , The mother who bought the children's toys , The kid who bought purple potato in the vegetable market , A couple at a noodle stand , These people are just busy in a comfortable mountain city .

        Let's face it ! I know I love Chongqing very much , She is also willing to tolerate me, a young and stupid youth . But no amount of love, no amount of attachment can save myself , Let's go , Go far away , go there , go there , To earn money .

        Subsequent content will be added as soon as possible , National Day , Where I can't be seen all over the world .

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