Ladies and gentlemen , I don't know if I look at the project experience during the interview ?
You're here and the interviewer are here on the basis of basic knowledge , The interviewer is very interested in you : Boy, I see your bones are amazing , At first glance, it's a good seedling of front-end development . Can you show me something , What projects have you done ? What do you think are the technical difficulties in your project ? How did you solve it ? Why ???
Good project company 3 , Never done it , No difficulty , I don't know how to solve it , It's good for itself . The interviewer will tell you politely : You go out !
Okay, you're kidding when you go out , Now that we talk about the project, we should recognize your basic knowledge . So I plan to know how you combine these knowledge in practical application , If you have a project experience that the interviewer is more interested in on your resume , I'll ask .

We have analyzed this purpose , After that, I want to do a project to add flash points to my school recruitment or internship recruitment , We have to deal with it .

1 Exquisite and meaningful projects are more suitable than fake and empty ones .

It's me all over the place 2w Made a Taobao ,5000 Take a Baidu joke , You just want to copy Jingdong , E-commerce imitating Taobao . Do you think the interviewer is interested in this project ? The interviewer has a look, young man ( The little girl ) It's very delicious , One person imitates Taobao , Who do you think you are? ???
So you are your product manager at this time , Make a delicate little project , Like a notepad , Learning notes are very delicate , There are very clever solutions in it . Refinement is not about simplicity , Each function is polished . This kind of project is very suitable for students' identity , Including your thoughts , It reflects some understanding of the product and the realization of technology .( Developers should have some understanding of products , Because in the process of development, it is very difficult to realize the functions , Advance judgment , Say no earlier )

2 The technology stack doesn't have to be the latest in the industry , But there's a reason why you chose him .

Just like you want to be a popular e-commerce platform , So your technology selection jquery1.x No problem at all , Better compatibility in the future jquery1.x, because seo Multi page application selected , Then some of the matching contents can be well combined jquery1.x Use of . Well done! , Yes , thing . Not blindly using new technology . You want to be a management type backstage , Then you choose angular+ts+rxjs perhaps vue+vuex+vue-router Or it could be react Family bucket , So why choose this technology stack ? Project needs strong type inspection angular For you , Component development +jsx You're good at it and you like it react, Then choose react, Lightweight, flexible and like vue-loader Structure of files under , You choose vue Absolutely , I have my own understanding on the selection of technical stack of the project , You also know the characteristics of the corresponding technology stack , It also shows that you have a certain understanding of the use scenarios of the framework , At the same time, it shows that your project has undergone certain thinking and a technical choice . What if the choice is wrong ? The interviewer tells you why it's not right , You have a rare promotion , It's also beautiful .

3 Not necessarily responsible for a complete project , One of the modules is in your charge or you can

I am responsible for the list display and detail page of this project . How do I handle the data passed by the back end , In asynchronous request, a certain amount of asynchronous split processing data is selected , Split the time to block the main thread at one time , Can reduce user waiting , Select throttling when page scrolling , Reduce invalid ajax Request, etc , What is responsible for your module , Combing . It has its own bright spot in technology realization . The most important thing is that it can reflect the problem-solving ability in the collaborative development process , How to design and cooperate with backend , How to cooperate and divide labor with front-end partners , The interviewer must hope for a person with strong cooperation ability , It's bound to veto a self-centered , Candidates who can't cooperate with others .

4 GitHub Have a chance to do something with online projects

How the interviewer can see your project directly ? This is a problem . It's been a long time since you were excited , And then the interviewer just can't sketch the project , What should I do? ??? I'll show him the computer ??? I don't know what to do . Okay, that's an awkward question . If you have an online project, you can simply demonstrate your project online , If your project is uploaded GitHub So it's easy for the interviewer to see your code style . words alone are no proof , Based on words . Brother, I've shown you all this , You always know what I'm saying is true .

5 Students also need their own structure , Don't ask how right , Just want to have your own ideas .

What is your project structure like ???
structure ? No structure ? What is the official template like? What am I like , I don't know why . interviewer : Then you can write it out. How are you . Your project needs to have . Division of modules , Encapsulation and extraction of tool class ,ajax Encapsulation and separation of layers ( Specific business analysis ), public css Extraction of styles , Design of common components (SPA The design is clear ). So your src It must be in the catalog utils folder , File names for a bunch of modules ,css Public style file .
Well, this kind of project structure is not necessarily the most reasonable , But it shows you something .
Even if you have some unreasonable design ,whatever, I can learn , But there's no concept ? What are you learning ?

How to do a specific project , I don't think that's what we're talking about . After all, there is a significant gap between the difficulty of our personal learning project and the enterprise level project , It's hard for you to achieve enterprise level project scale and business difficulty . But how to reflect your development ideas ? We have to think about it from the above points .


Unconsciously produce another , Happy mood . At the same time, thank you for your advice , Gave me such a direction , Learning plan method , At present, personal learning plan is based on the knowledge of synchronous asynchronous single thread , People with the same interests can bomb me with your hot messages in the message area , Let's make progress together , come on .

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