Online and offline occasions , Often asked questions like questions —— The products at hand are not in good condition , How to decide whether to turn it off / Offline ?

actually , Making products such as investment and financing , There are many ways to stop loss .

first , Set stop in advance .

Analogy stock market , Lost 15% Just sell it …… Before the product is put into resources , Set stop loss index , For example, after the launch 3 Months , user 7 Less than daily retention 50%.

second , Discover better opportunities .

Understand the cost of silence , The concept of opportunity cost . It's also an analogy , No matter what stocks you hold , If you find a better stock , It's worth selling and buying .

third , Listen to the voice of the market .

Like my son likes to watch 《 Cars 3》 in , A car asks a car “ How to know when to retire ?”, They told him “ The opponent will tell you ”. I think the same .

but , Let me think about it , A lot of times you ask “ When does the product stop loss ”, It's not about products or business , It's about people and organizations .

This is the decision-making mechanism , Power, responsibility and interest , On the rules of rewards and punishments , yes “ loss ” It's about to be realized , No one is willing to accept the consequences , No one dares to take responsibility . I communicate with someone from a car factory in China , They envy Internet companies “ Stop loss ” Some specific practices of , Say if they want to “ kill ” A car , To report to the SASAC ( uncertain , It's a related department anyway ) Approved , I said , It doesn't seem like there's any way .

It's like , Has lost a lot of stock , You still don't want to sell , Reason tells you it can't come back , But sensibility will say , As long as they don't sell, they don't realize the real loss , What if it comes back ……
It's a tiny possibility to come back , but , That's part of the responsibility .

It suddenly occurred to me , I also hold some shares of Baidu , Falling pen .


suger (iamsujie), Former Ali Product Manager , Written 《 Everyone is a product manager 》 Three books , Now be an entrepreneur service , Founding partner of liangcang incubator , Also an independent consultant for product innovation .

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