“ a man should be independent at the age of thirty ”, From 《 On language · govern 》, It's about the arrival of people 30 You should face all the difficulties in your life at the age of . For practitioners in the field of software development ,30 year , But it's a barrier .30 After the age of , What is the right job for programmers ? Experts break it down with you :

  No.1 programmer

   For programmers 30 Work after , Number one , Programmers, of course . As experience grows , Maybe you can produce fewer lines of code every day than before , But your ability to solve problems is unmatched . meanwhile , If you can keep your focus on specific areas of Technology , It's only a matter of time before you become a technologist like God , Of course, it's true , Income is far from a problem .

  No.2 Entrepreneurship

   In recent years ,IT Counter attack in the industry due to entrepreneurship , Directly CEO, Win white and rich , Examples of getting to the top of our lives are frequent .Facebook with 190 It's a billion dollar acquisition WhatsApp, and WhatsApp Less than five years since it was founded . meanwhile ,Facebook Founder Zuckerberg is also an entrepreneur . Developers in IT Field entrepreneurship has its own advantages , Own technology , Can guarantee product quality .

  No.3 R & D management

   This is also a common way for us to develop the career path of software developers , First, practice in the front-line position of R & D , After gaining more experience , Gradually move to management position : engineer , project manager , R & D director , Vice president of Technology ,CTO…… Developers turning to R & D management positions , Need to have certain leadership and management ability , of course , To be able to be a leader naturally can do these jobs better .

  No.4 product manager

   Zhang Xiaolong, the father of wechat, is the best product manager in China , If you have great insight , Be able to understand human needs , Believe that you can create products that everyone is willing to buy , You can be like Zhang Xiaolong , promotion increase , Become general manager , As CEO, Marry Bai Fumei , Go to the top of life .

  No.5 Trainer

  “ Three people , There must be my teacher ”, You want to be that “ division ” Do you ? talk rapidly , speak with fervour and assurance , Your students look up to you , You watch students step by step towards success , promotion increase , Become general manager , As CEO, Marry Bai Fumei , Getting to the top of life is a great pleasure .

  No.6 sale

   If you have established a deep relationship with Party A “ friendship ”, Of course, you can also transfer to sales . And develop sales , At least it's pragmatic , It's also easier to build trust with customers .

  No.7 consulting service

   If you always focus on a certain industry or field project , Has become a business expert , Then you can turn to consulting as a matter of course .

  No.8 Operation and maintenance

   Even if your code sucks , But as long as you are familiar with the product , It is feasible to switch to operation and maintenance .

  No.9 Operation promotion

   When you're fed up with writing code , You can also try to operate and promote your products , Believe that when you face users directly , Will open up another perspective on products .

  No.10 marketing management

   If you have evolved from developing products to a clear understanding of the user market , Well, it's a good choice to try marketing . remember , Whether the product is rotten or not , Selling is your skill .

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