After many delays ,Pine64 It's officially announced today that it will open later this month PineTab Linux Tablet Booking .PineTab It's a wallet friendly
Linux tablet PC , Carrying UBports Of Ubuntu Touch system , And promise to run most of them in the future GNU/Linux Release .

  Pine64 express :“ In terms of system ,PineTab The system version is and PinePhone,Pinebook It's the same . gradually ,PineTab
Able to run most of the mobile operating systems developed for our platform and various mainstream desktop operating systems . And I'm sure , After the first batch of products entered the hands of early users , The number of choices will explode , We will see more desktop oriented product releases soon , With touch input function .”

   all-new Linux The retail price of the tablet is 99.99 dollar , In addition, the retail price of magnetic backlit keyboard is 19.99 dollar . The company is also developing more expensive configuration options , include M.2 SATA
Solid state drive ,M.2 LTE and GPS,LoRa Module and RTL-SDR.

   As for specifications ,PineTab It's a decent tablet . It's equipped with a 10 inch 1280x720 Pixel IPS LCD screen , And it's driven by technology A64
Quad core processor , collocation 2GB RAM.GPU It's a Mali-400 MP2 unit , And for storage , You get 64GB eMMC. There is one USB 2.0 Type-A
Interface and a microSD slot . The equipment is equipped with 6000 Mah battery , It should be easy to use for a day .

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