-------------------------- Poor literary talent , Just make complaints about the status quo.

target :2020 Graduates
demand : Find a good job

scene : once 100 Jobs , Because there's only one epidemic left 50 individual , Fit in with the rest 40 individual , The rest screened by resume 20 individual , The rest that passed the written examination 10 individual , The rest of the interview 2 individual , Finally, because of salary and other reasons , Can you find the job you like ?

<> One : Students with practical experience

     These students are a very hard-working group , They set their own goals long ago , To learn more job skills , Find some internships , Rich working experience . If you're lucky, stay and become a regular , Don't worry about spring moves . Even if not satisfied with the current internship company , In autumn recruitment, you can easily gain by your internship experience offer.

<> Two : No internship experience, but qiuzhao received it offer Students of

     These students are a very lucky group , They may give up their postgraduate entrance examination temporarily , Choose employment , Try to prepare your resume and written interview in summer , In the wave of employment opportunities in autumn recruitment, I have stood on my feet , Even without internship experience , With my advanced preparation and professional knowledge accumulated in College , How many have been captured offer. Don't worry about the epidemic , Just go straight to work after graduation .

<> Three : Students who fail in autumn recruitment but are eager to seek opportunities in spring recruitment

     This kind of phenomenon is very normal before , And many students can really find their favorite job in spring recruitment , however , It's just the case . The double election has become Online , There are few good companies , Cancellation of off-line propaganda meeting , All recruitment has become Online .
       Some people say , Isn't that great , Don't run around , Improved efficiency , There are also many opportunities online .
     Really ? Although all companies have prepared the online contactless interview written test , But it's better than a lecture or a double election , The efficiency of the company's written interview is greatly reduced . Like I said before , once 100 Jobs , Because there's only one epidemic left 50 individual , The company is too hard , Students are too hard , It's a lot less than before .
     however , At the very least, such students have advantages , They are frantically perfecting their resumes in autumn recruitment , Brush the written test questions , Look at the profile of major companies , Accumulated rich experience in job search , In the spring recruitment wave of online recruitment , Somehow I can take a chance .

<> Four : Those who plan to find a job after failing the postgraduate entrance examination

This kind of student's wife is difficult

     Failure of postgraduate entrance examination and failure to open school , What good jobs can be found at home ? They have no internship experience , No experience of written interview in autumn recruitment , No good resume , Not prepared enough expertise ( I've been preparing for postgraduate entrance examination for several months ), The most important thing is that we can't start school , There's no offline speaking meeting, double election meeting .
It's said that spring recruit is for those students who fail in postgraduate entrance examination , But this year , Can you do it ?

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