Recently operated on the customer's site arm
linux Embedded device crashes , Due to contact linux Embedded device time is not long , I feel at a loss after encountering this problem . After that, the leader prompts to check the usage of other system resources without crash devices , Here are the commands I used :

       1. top

 top Command to view the memory usage of the system in real time , How much physical memory has been used , How much physical memory is free , How much cache ,CPU Usage of , What is the process number of each process , How much virtual memory is occupied . See embedded for specific usage linux The tailoring of the system is different .

       2. free
       free Command is a quick way to view memory usage , Yes, it is /proc/meminfo An overview of the information collected .
      3. cat /proc/meminfo

      /proc/meminfo The file lists a general overview of all the memory usage you want to know .

      4. pmap

      pmap Provides memory mapping for processes , Used to display the memory status of one or more processes , It reports address space and memory status information of the process .

      These commands are used in this problem analysis , It will be updated if it is used later .

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