4 month 28 day , Ministry of transport issues announcement on resuming toll road charging , since 2020 year 5 month 6 National toll road toll recovery from 00:00 . It also means , from 2 month 17
Implemented from ,79 The toll free policy of days has officially come to an end . this 79 Tian Li , How much do we have “ Cheap ”? There's a domestic media account .

   data display , from 2 month 17 After free passage from zero o'clock , Rapid growth of traffic volume of National Expressway , from 2 month 16 Daily average 542.09 Million vehicles 3 month 5 Diurnal
2654.4 10000 vehicle times , The same period last year 2501.47 10000 vehicle times .

   Consider travel during the outbreak , And the actual situation of epidemic prevention and control , This year-on-year growth is not easy .

  3 month 6
day , Liu Xiaoming, Vice Minister of the Ministry of transport, said at the press conference of joint defense and joint control of the State Council , After free of charge, the traffic volume of the highway network is higher than that of the same period last year , Calculated according to the actual flow , It's probably reduced every day 15
About 100 million yuan of toll .

   Driving , Reduce the risk of cross infection caused by public transportation during the epidemic , However, it is accompanied by huge losses of related Expressway enterprises .

   Ministry of transport 2019 year 8 Published in 《2018 Bulletin of national toll road statistics 》 display ,2018 End of year , The balance of toll road debt is 56913.6
Billion yuan , among , Bank loan balance 47744.2 Billion yuan .

  2018 year , Total national toll road expenditure 9621.8 Billion yuan , among , Repayment of debt principal 5066.7 Billion yuan , Interest on debt repayment 2647.9 Billion yuan . This means , Daily expenses
26.4 In 100 million yuan , To be repaid 13.9 RMB 100 million debt principal and 7.3 RMB 100 million debt interest .

   in addition , The communique shows ,2018 year , Total toll revenue of toll road vehicles in China 5552.4 Billion yuan , This means that after the break even , There were 4000 Billions in deficit .

   Except for the high cost , In addition, it needs to pay a high maintenance fee every year . Basic maintenance management expenditure only , according to 2018 The standard calculation of the year is also daily average 3.6
Billion yuan . in other words , For more than two months, free of charge due to the epidemic , Just keeping the road needs to be close 300 Billion yuan to invest , No income , This investment can only be net expenditure .

   According to the Ministry of transport , After recovery of charges , at present , All freeway exit lanes can display the total toll of this trip . By integrating relevant information , Preliminary realization “ One trip , A bill , One time deduction , One notice ”.

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