On the bus , Lin Xiao rushes to the company with uneasiness , All the way , Lin Xiao's thoughts are always confused , I didn't think of any good way , It's up to fate .

   After arriving at the company , Discovery by Lin Xiao , I was the first to arrive , The door is still open , Look at the time , Lin Xiaocai finds out , It's a little early , Not yet 9 spot .

   Waiting anxiously for a while , Sister Yan came to the company for the second time , See Lin Xiao standing alone in front of the company , Sister Yan goes to Lin Xiao , Meimu looks at Lin Xiao and asks unexpectedly :“ Lin Xiao , Why do you come so early today ?”

   Lin Xiao is smelling the light fragrance coming suddenly , All of a sudden, I feel a lot relaxed , subsequently , Lin Xiao scratched his head and said :“ I woke up a little early today , I came here earlier . Well ......”

   Sister Yan gave a meaningful smile , Obviously I don't believe Lin Xiao's bad reason , But sister Yan didn't say much , Just opened the door and said ,“ Come on in .”

   Lin Xiao follows sister Yan into the company , Looking at the sexy and tall back of sister Yan , At this time, the company only has herself and sister Yan , Lin Xiao can't help swallowing his saliva , At the same time, Lin Xiao felt guilty .

   After all, it's been a long time , Lin Xiao already knows , Actually, sister Yan is fast 30 Age , Bigger than myself 5,6 year , most important of all , Sister Yan is married , And a daughter , It's a typical married woman .

   This made Lin Xiao even suspect , Is your taste too heavy , I even think about married women .

   After sitting in the station , Lin Xiao forcibly banished the confused ideas in his mind , I started to think about my next situation , After all, this is the time , Keeping your job is the most important thing .

   But think about it , Lin Xiao's helpless discovery , Besides waiting for trial , There seems to be no other way .

   After all, the way to think , Last night Lin Xiao has tried , It's less than half an hour from work , Lin Xiao can't go back to the sky at this time .

   Before long , The army that went to work began to come to the company again and again , Cheng Gang is no exception .

   Once in the company , Cheng Gang put things behind the station , He went straight to Lin Xiao's station and said :“ I saw the text , What the hell is going on .”

   Lin Xiao is very nervous at this time , But I dare not show it too much , Looking at Cheng Gang's expressionless face , Lin Xiao screams inside ,“ finished !”

   Next time , Lin Xiao is worried , Retell what happened last night as it was , subsequently , Lin Xiao stood up consciously , Cheng Gang sits on Lin Xiao's desk , Start data recovery .

   At the beginning of Cheng's operation , Others in the company , Every now and then, I take a look at Lin Xiao , Most people are confused , I don't know what happened , Only Cheng Jiali and her junior sister , When I look at Lin Xiao, I have something different , Obviously these people are programmers , You know what it means to delete a database .

   As expected , Before long , Just when Cheng started , Someone came down from the sales upstairs and said :“ Is there something wrong with the system , Many users reported that they could not log in .”

   Lin Xiao can't help crying again , It seems that I can't escape , Originally, Lin Xiao had a fluke mentality , Few users think about the company's website , You don't have to find out .

   At this time, Lin Xiaocai realized that , Even if it's a website with fewer users , Can't bear the news that the database has been deleted .

   After all, the database has been deleted , As long as someone opens the website , It's estimated that you'll make a mistake wherever you click , Such system problems , If no one finds out , That's really strange , Unless it's not used at all .

  “ Appease the customer first , We're working on it , It should be soon .” Cheng Gang raised his head and whispered back .

   Originally, Cheng Gang had always complained about the sales , I think all these people have dry food , Now there's something wrong with the system , Cheng Gang's voice has been lowered a lot .

   Lin Xiao is standing by , I dare not make a sound , Only a little embarrassed smile at the salesman to show his apology .

   I don't know that Cheng Gang often scolds them downstairs , So nothing else , I can only go upstairs resentfully .

   After about half an hour , Lin Xiao felt as if he had passed several centuries , Cheng Gang finally stands up and says something ,“ You send me the backup data file , I'll go to my station and have a look .”

  “ well .”

   Listen to Cheng Gang , Lin Xiao is relieved at last , Although the problem has not been solved , But Cheng just sat here , Standing here , The pressure is too much , It's just like a year .

   No ! It's like a year .

   After Cheng Gang left , Lin Xiao sent the backup data file , At this time, Cheng Jiali suddenly probes her head and says :“ Lin Xiao , Cheng Gang didn't say anything else ?”

   Lin xiaoleng said :“ Nothing else . But this time I think it's a failure , It's more bad than good .”

   Li Kui also lies down beside Lin Xiao's seat , Give a thumbs up and say :“ Lin Xiao , You're a real bull , I deleted all the databases .”

  “ I don't want to , This is a pure mistake .” Lin Xiao said something gloomily .

  “ hey , Don't think about it , Is it a blessing or a curse , It's a disaster that can't be avoided . Let it be .” Cheng Jiali comforts Lin Xiao .

  “ That's the only way .”


   In an hour , Cheng Gang suddenly comes out of the Office , To Lin Xiao :“ I've recovered the data , You see, right .”

  “ good !”

   Lin Xiao hears that the data is restored , The spirit came immediately , Anyway? , The data is finally recovered , For now , At least the loss is not too great , And Cheng Gang didn't say anything else , Maybe I can keep my job .

   For the rest of the time , Lin Xiao opens it sqlyog, Roughly correct the data , After confirming that there is no problem , Just now QQ Give Cheng Gang a reply ,“ boss , I saw it , No problem with the data .”

  “ good , I got it! , Go upstairs and talk to the sales .”

   notice QQ Shangcheng Gang's reply , Lin Xiao was relieved at last , Lin Xiao is afraid that Cheng just came out of the blue ,“ Come to my office .”

   If so , I guess I'm basically cool , Now let's see , This should be the end of the story .

   Think of this , Lin Xiao quickly stands up and runs upstairs , Said hello to the sales .

   The next day , Lin Xiao is still a little scared , But the bad news didn't come , Lin Xiao didn't wait for his dismissal notice , I spent the day in peace .


   The next morning , Because I'm a little guilty just now , Lin Xiao is rare and the first to come .

   But the second one is not sister Yan , It's another female colleague , This female colleague is Wang Xiaomeng , It's shorter , Only 1 rice 5 about , It looks lovely , But with a pair of black framed glasses , The whole person is very quiet .

   And Wang Xiaomeng , It was Cheng Gang , Xiao Wei goes to the job fair together , The girl who is looking for a new colleague .

   Now we all know , Wang Xiaomeng is in love with a male colleague of the company , So we often make fun of them .

   Strange to say , Wang Xiaomeng looks very thin , Looks very young , But the man he was in love with looked very mature , My hair is a little sparse , In fact, Wang Xiaomeng is about the same age as this male colleague , They are three or four years older than Lin Xiao .

   This also makes Lin Xiao feel a little bit , It's radish and cabbage , Love each other , You never know which two people will suddenly look at each other .

   After meeting in the company corridor , Wang Xiaomeng smiles symbolically , Stroked his black framed glasses , Then he said :“ Wait a minute , Come with me .”

   Lin Xiao waved his hand and said with a smile :“ I'm fine .” Then he joined the company with Wang Xiaomeng .

   This day , Lin Xiao's heart is still a little worried , But compared with yesterday , Actually, it's much better , Lin Xiaoxin , If you want something to happen , It shouldn't take so long .

   therefore , When the day's work is over , Lin Xiao was relieved at last .

   however , God obviously didn't want Lin Xiao to like it , Go back that night , Lin Xiao quarreled with Ouyang Xiao again .

   As for the contents of the quarrel , It's no longer a question of whether Ouyang Xiao will come to Beijing this time , Although it's really a fuse , But the final focus of the fight , But because of one QQ Number .

   Or say , actually QQ No. is not the main reason , in the final analysis , Or because of the natural enemy in love —— ex-boyfriend .

   They were just arguing over whether to come to Beijing on the phone , But Ouyang Xiao always uses his mother as an excuse , Lin Xiao has long suspected this , Think it's just an excuse for Ouyang Xiao , In fact, I'm still tangled with my ex boyfriend .

   After all, I had the experience of being cheated by Ouyang Xiao , Plus Ouyang Xiao's ex boyfriend is in Zhengzhou , Two people in the same city , So it's hard for Lin Xiao to be paranoid about this .

   So Lin Xiao asked for Ouyang Xiao QQ Password for , We need to see the chat records of each other .

   How can Ouyang Xiao live or die , And insisted that he had no contact with his ex boyfriend .

   Lin Xiao doesn't believe it , According to Lin Xiao , Since you're not in touch , Why don't you dare show me yours QQ No .

   therefore , They had a big fight over this , And in fact , It's a big fight , In fact, Lin Xiaoqi almost fell , But Ouyang Xiao is very calm on the phone .

   Lin Xiao lies on the bed afterwards , I haven't slept for a long time , I always feel like I can't breathe out , This makes Lin Xiao feel crazy .

   Lin Xiao thought about it , It seems that this is still in the process of falling in love , I was in such a passive position for the first time .


   Work the next day , Because I had a fight with Ouyang Xiao last night , Even if it's Friday , And tomorrow is the weekend , Lin Xiao is still a little depressed at work .

   however , That day, Lin Xiao came home from work , A sudden text message , But Lin Xiao was stunned for a while .

  “ Lin Xiao , Are you free tomorrow? , I want you to go shopping with me .”

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