Some people say , When you often remember the past , It means you're getting older . People are growing up , It's hard to avoid being wronged , frustration , Pain , Repression , Sadness , confused , Wait for the sad thing . Whenever this time , People usually avoid problems , I will go back to my childhood . Because I am such a person . Remember in the middle school Chinese textbook , Once upon a time, there was an article written like this —— When you go back to your painful past , You will get a melancholy sweetness . Sometimes think about it , It's really like this .

In the world of childhood , Everything is simple and simple , Colorful —— Green fields , Blue sky , White clouds , Even the weeds and flowers on the road seem to greet you and smile .

however , Unfortunately, people will grow up , The world is changing every day , Life changes every day , Sometimes it gets better , Sometimes it goes bad , Parents and relatives grow old day by day , Time goes faster and faster every day .

Reading a dream of Red Mansions in a short time , It says “ 360 days a year , The wind, the frost, the sword and the stern force ”, Why were different lives so cruel at that time , Through the years , I've gone through all the personnel , That's true .

From school to work , Each of us is step by step away from our hometown . In the memory of each of us , My hometown must be peaceful , A beautiful place . Local accent , How kind . About my hometown , Land of hometown , Vegetable garden , Trees, flowers and plants , River Ditch , Weeds and flowers ... It's so kind . Everyone has a place to dream about , That place , Must be my hometown —— It's a place where you want to go back and you can't go back .

Go back to my hometown on New Year's Day , The countryside in my memory has changed . On the way to my hometown , Looking at people I knew when I was a kid , It's full of wrinkles , White hair and sideburns . Strange hometown . Walking in a familiar Village , Most of the young people of our time were not in the village . The kids on the road and the married daughters in law don't recognize each other . The house used to be gone , It's on the second floor , Three story building ; Several old yards that occasionally exist , Because no one lived for a long time , It's been desolate for a long time , Overgrowth of weeds , All the walls and yards have collapsed . Against the background of the building , These old houses seem so out of place , It's so dilapidated , Just like me .“ This Jianghu is not the one we stay in .”

Hometown that can't go back , An unrequited childhood , People who can't go back , But there is still a corner in my heart that belongs to this haunted place forever . When tired , Wronged , I think of my hometown . Although it's no longer the hometown of childhood , No longer a child , But it's like childhood here , Have a childhood memory . It's just , They're just like themselves , It's big , Old age , It's changed . But my heart is still there , Buried in this land , Will be with me , Until I'm old , I can't walk , Sitting on the ground , Walking by the country field , Tell stories to children , chat .


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