<>1, Realize map projection

<>2, Table tennis

<>3, Real time face change

<>4, Mickey Mouse's ears

<>5, Automatic trigger diagram

<>6, Dynamic astrogram

<>7, Cloud chart of lyrics

<>8, Halloween Pumpkin

<>9, Beautiful spiral

exec “”"\nfrom turtle import *\nfor i in range(500): \n forward(i)\n

<>10, painting Mandelbrot chart

print’\n’.join([’’.join([’'if abs((lambda a:lambda z,c,n:a(a,z,c,n))(lambda
s,z,c,n:z if n==0else s(s,zz+c,c,n-1))(0,0.02x+0.05jy,40))<2 else’ 'for x in
range(-80,20)])for y in range(-20,20)])

<>11, Realize a maze

for i in range(10**3):print(random.choice(’|| __’), end=’’)

<>12, From deleting library to running

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