According to US media Yahoo News recently , Former US President Barack · Obama (Barack
Obama) In a private phone call to his former government official last Friday , Yes, Donald · President trump made a stern criticism . He said , Trump is the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic response measure is the scene. “ A complete disaster ”.

   to this end , Yahoo News commented that this speech is Obama's rare move , At least in public , Obama has maintained reservations about his successor since he left office .

  “ This election is very important at all levels , It's not just individuals or a political party that we're going to fight for . We're fighting a long-term trend , selfish , Factionalism , Divide and see others as enemies , That's part of the reason why we have been so passive and uneven in our response to this global crisis . In this way ‘ What's good for me ’ Under the influence of the independent way of thinking , It's definitely a disaster of chaos .”

   Obama's conference call is aimed at urging his supporters to support former Vice President Joe · Biden's campaign , And :“ I will spend as much time as I can , Do my best to help Biden .”

   Before that , According to the New York Times , Obama told friends , He was worried that trump would use public platforms to campaign in the event of Biden's derailment .

   actually , Trump has used the press conference to attack Biden , And accused the Obama administration .4 Late month , Trump claims that because of his predecessor ( Obama administration ), U.S.A “ Test failure ”.

   And the naming criticism of Obama ,5 month 10 day , Trump also responded on twitter :“ We have made great achievements in dealing with the epidemic …… by comparison , Obama / Biden in H1N1
The response from the top has little effect .”

   According to Johns · Latest statistics from Hopkins University , The cumulative number of new crown confirmed cases in the United States exceeds 130 10000 cases , More than 7.8 10000 cases .

   According to Lei ,2020 The year will usher in the first 59
Presidential election . A sudden outbreak , Disrupted the pace of the US presidential election , This time, which should have been a time for the whole people to fight against the epidemic disaster, is also mixed with some realistic color .

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