Want to make an annual salary 50 ten thousand , First of all, you have to be a high level programmer !
Annual salary 50 Ten thousand programmers have at least the following 3 One of the features :
1. Long working life , Experienced
Their common characteristics are :10 More than years working experience , Worked as a screw in a large company , I've also done technology in startups leader, One or two unsuccessful entrepreneurial experiences .
No matter what kind of programmers they go to BAT Or start a business , You can get it 50 Above ten thousand years salary offer.
2. Returned programmers in Silicon Valley
From Silicon Valley back to the mainland , Used to work for Internet companies like Google ,Facebook Wait for the company to work , After returning to China , Easy to achieve 50 Ten thousand annual salary .
3. A true technocratic
Although it's said that technical level is not the only factor determining salary , But if the technology is good enough , High pay offer It's also a bag !

in addition , You're the best , Technical cattle are not good either , at home , You have to get into a good company ! So what are there ?
1, Internet giants
2, Star start up company
3, Local financial magnates
4, Low profile tuhao company

above , Is the programmer's annual salary 50 Ten thousand ways , Of course, there is only one basis for all this , You're a bull !

And to be a Tauren, you have to see how they work :

1. Report results  
Don't tell the boss how hard the work is , How hard it is for you !
Result thinking is the first thinking . 
2. Ask for instructions
  Don't let the boss do the Q & A , It's about asking the boss to do multiple choice questions . Ask for instructions and guarantee at least two plans to the boss , And express your opinion .
3. Summary workflow
  To make a work summary, describe the process , It's not just a logical sequence , And find out the key points in the process , Mistakes , Reflection point . 
4. Standard of arrangement work
If the work is arranged, there will be assessment , Assessment is to establish working standards , Otherwise, subordinates don't know how to do it , To what extent is the most appropriate .
Standards have established norms , And delimited the boundary of work . 
5. Care about the process of asking questions from subordinates
Care for subordinates and listen to their problems , The more detailed it is, the better . Caring about subordinates is caring about details , Make clear the points and faces that move the subordinates .
6. Recall work, say feeling
Talk about your work in communication , What is learned , What is realized , What is reflective , What are the efforts .

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