As a programmer , Technical ability is very important , But in addition to improving technical ability, we should not neglect other abilities . You can write code all your life , But you can't write code all your life . When your technical ability is enough to make you stand firm in the company , You can stop and exercise your management , For example, it's very important in the workplace : Ability to solve problems . And structured thinking is a universal formula to solve problems , And structured thinking can be trained .

Master structured thinking , Will enable you to complete the plan quickly , Be able to deal with all kinds of complex problems in an orderly manner , Able to arrange study and work effectively , Be able to quickly grasp the knowledge required by new posts . So as to gain the appreciation of the boss , Win customers' favor , Get more development opportunities , Finally, we will go to the top of our lives step by step .

okay , It's all bragging , Let's get to the point .

Structured thinking can be simply defined as :

“ Structured thinking ” It's the answer to a big question by asking a few small questions .

How many toilet paper are sold in a country every year ? How many kilometers of train tracks are there ? Every morning at 9:45 , What's the proportion of people sitting and lying ?

In the job interview , You may be asked a brain teaser question like the one above . You might think , What's the point of asking a question that Baidu or Google can find out in five seconds ? This is to test your ability of structured thinking , Test the ability to solve problems .

Suppose in an interview , There are two interviewers , Ask how high they are in the building . One guessed an answer according to one's own feelings , The answer is very close . Another man went outside and measured the building with his feet , Then compare it with your own shadow to get the approximate height of the building , But the figures are not as accurate as the previous one . If you're an interviewer , Who would you choose ? I think you'll choose a second interviewer , Because he knows how to use his mind to solve problems .

Reasoning through practice , Break big problems into small ones , From the answers of small questions to the answers of big questions , Will form the habit of structured thinking . With structured thinking , You'll methodically break down the problems one by one , One by one , Without worrying , Panic , No clue .

Anyone can improve their structured thinking through practice . The best way is to ask yourself “ meaningless ” Problems of , Questions that you can't easily find on the Internet .

For example, you see a restaurant in the center of a district in a city , You can spend a few minutes thinking about how many customers go to this restaurant every year . Take this as an example , How to do it ? This can be done .

One , first , Suppose the city where the restaurant is located has 300 10000 population , Let's say one third of the population lives in the city , that is 100
ten thousand . Accurate figures are not important , It's important to make a hypothesis that will allow you to further decompose the problem , Then find a breakthrough and start iterating .

Two , then , Suppose there are 10 Regions , Each zone is 10 ten thousand people . If a person eats out lunch and dinner every day , That's going out to eat every week 14
A meal . In big cities , For most unmarried young people , a week 10 No exaggeration . Maybe not so many people with families , Some people don't eat out at all . therefore , The conservative average is weekly 3
second . That's in this area , Weekly 30 Ten thousand people eat in restaurants .

Three , next , A district is supposed to have 100 Restaurants . If it's evenly distributed , Every restaurant has 3000 A meal .

Four , Let's proofread it again . Can this restaurant receive every week 3000 people ? This restaurant is open every day 12 hour , a week 7 day . That is 84 Hours . This restaurant can hold 25
people , And it's fast , average 5 It will be served in minutes . stay 100% Under the capacity of , They can provide it every hour 125 A meal , That is, every week 10500 A meal . Even if this place only
30% Time is full , Weekly service 3000 Famous customers can do it .

Five , last , Suppose the restaurant is closed for a holiday or holiday for two weeks a year . with 50 Weekly calculation , Every year 15 10000 customers .

It starts with big numbers , Then go to the small number , But you can do the opposite , You can also start at both ends . The suggestion is , You know which number starts with which one . For example, in the above example , If you don't know how many people the restaurant is in , You can move on to a larger scale —— Cities looking for a breakthrough . You don't know the numbers. It doesn't matter , You can assume a number first .

The final answer is 100%
Is it accurate ? It must not be accurate . Is it on the same order of magnitude ? Maybe . It doesn't matter , It is important that , You can just use your limited experience , Can learn from inference , To solve problems in real life . For example, for this restaurant , Through this kind of structured thinking to analyze , We can find out the potential problems of restaurant operation , Finally, find out the possible solutions to these problems .

Structured thinking seems to be applying a fixed pattern , But it's also a kind of creative thinking . It is within the scope of the rule pattern , Let your mind roam freely on seemingly unrelated objects , On this basis, each object is connected one by one .

Often do exercises like the above , You can improve your problem-solving skills , This will benefit you for life . remember , We need to think often , But we need to know how to think .

It's not that life is getting easier , It's that we're getting stronger and stronger . The essence of life is to solve new problems constantly , When you know how to think , What it gives you , It will make your life easier .

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