One ,35 Law of age

It seems that the whole Internet industry is selling anxiety , From the previous 30 Elimination at the age of , Up to now 35 year , To the latest 39.9 year , You will find , How is the age trend going up , By the way, brother , That's the group , They grow one year every year , It's not just that anxiety is getting older .

The first news I saw was that , The first batch of Internet users are in good time , It's about fifty now , Or start a business successfully , Or as a shareholder in a large company , It's a wave of people who have achieved economic freedom , Including Mr. Ma , It's all that .

What about the rest ? Someone started talking , I can't learn , high pressure , Hair loss or something .

Who is to blame ? Is it really that bad ? Can't you really get along with that ? I don't think so .

Two , The source of anxiety

The source of anxiety is not self-confidence , It's about uncertainty about the future , And the insecurity of middle-aged fat men . There's nothing wrong with that , After all, I'm old , I can't spell it , Can't work overtime , And make time for the family , But I don't want my salary to go down . Where is such a good thing ? Unless , Unless you deserve it .

In fact, this is also a question of industry choice . all the time ,IT There are Internet companies and traditional companies in the industry , The high-income programmers who like the Internet , You didn't think about it , In fact, the business of Internet projects is relatively simple , It's just because the market is so competitive , Demand is always changing , So overtime , It's necessary . The key is , Your overtime doesn't always pay off , Probably , Extra classes , Return the product to its original form in one sentence .

therefore , As long as it's a similar one , About three years of working experience , You can definitely replace ten years of experience , Why , You can't learn , You can't afford to work anymore , Isn't it normal to be optimized ? I want to ask , What are the advantages of your ten years of experience ?

You can tell , Didn't you just go into the business because of the income ? You don't love this business how can you go far ?

Three , Architect trap

For most programmers , Visible ceiling , I.e. architect or project manager , But your understanding of Architects , It's still superficial , It's always about technology architecture . Let me see , Do you need to design the technical architecture ? So many wheels are enough for you , You don't need to invent . in my opinion , A senior developer who understands business can only PPT The architect of is much more useful . of course , Except for large companies , I've never been in a big company , I don't know what's going on inside . But after all, most people are still in small and medium-sized companies ? Where are so many big companies for you to enter ? Where do you need so many high concurrency ? It's nothing .

Four , Between gain and loss

In traditional industries , Lower income , It's a lot less stressful , Not so strict performance appraisal .

You like to go to wolf like Huawei , Like to go to aribona 3.75, Then you have to be prepared , Maybe what you're doing doesn't have much business depth , Your mastery of technical research , My small company doesn't work .

On the contrary, we are deeply engaged in the business of traditional industries , Maybe it will be more popular in the next decade . This is also the biggest difference with the Internet industry , The mobility of people on the Internet is too high , Every company uses similar technology , Doing similar business , It's nothing from here to the next , It'll get used to it soon , For employees , The cost of leaving is so low .

therefore , There is samsara in heaven , Who can heaven spare .


to update :

Some people think technology is more important than business , But what I want to say is : No technology driven company , No, not at the moment , No more , Business driven . Business can push technology forward .

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