Early Sunday morning , The classroom of the training institute is already full .

   Next Wednesday will be a demonstration project , So we all want to take advantage of this Sunday , Follow the class to learn from the classics .

   And the object of learning , Naturally, it's mainly Lin Xiao .

   Because Lin Xiao is not in the classroom at this time , So most of the students , They're still in their seats , Waiting for Lin Xiao .

   however , There are still a small number of students , Has begun to surround Zhang Jian , Embarked on the road of learning .

   Actually, since the last project demonstration , Zhang Jian was sent to the cold palace by his classmates .

   Even Zheng Zhongke , He also turned his attention to Lin Xiao .

   But this time, because of Lin Xiao's project, it's really slow , That's why some people hesitate , Or choose to return to Zhang Jian's camp .

   In the face of this situation , Zhang Jian should have been happy , But he didn't feel that way at the moment , It's a little scary .

   A scene in the last project demonstration , Zhang Jian still remembers , After being entrusted by others , The feeling of being trampled on mercilessly again , He doesn't want to experience it a second time .

   so , Zhang Jian starts to rush people without even thinking about it .

  “ Students , You don't have to be around me , Let's wait for Lin Xiao to come .”

   Look at each other , No one left .

  “ Lin Xiao's project is too slow , We're still more optimistic about you , Zhang Jian .”

  “ Isn't it ! I got your project on Wednesday , I've been working on your project these days , It's almost done now . Two days from next Wednesday , I'm sure I can finish the project before the demonstration this time .”

  “ Yeah , Me too . hey .”

  “ Or some of us , ha-ha . Although Lin Xiao is better at technique , But that's his skill , What's the use of not helping us , Do you think so ?”

  “ Must be . This project demonstration , Those guys around Lin Xiao , I guess I'll regret it .”

  “ That's for sure ! It's going to be demonstrated next Wednesday , Only two days , Even today, Lin Xiao comes up with a project , It's too late to estimate , ha-ha .”

  “ It's hard to say . In case they are all the same as last Xu Bo , What to do with the demonstration ?”

  “ Easy to do ! When we are demonstrating , Ask a few random questions , Don't they just show up ?”

  “ Wonderful ! You are so bad , ha-ha .”


   Zhang Jian had already admitted , But let's hear that , Zhang Jian thinks it makes sense .

   Although Lin Xiao is skilled , But Lin Xiao is too perfect , Write a project, write a procrastination , We didn't even have time for research .

   thus , Lin Xiao's skill, no matter how powerful it is ?

   You don't get substantial help , In the end, I will choose to leave .

   Think of this , Zhang Jian's competitive heart , It was ignited again in an instant .

   Last time, Lin Xiao stepped on him , This time , He's desperate to get a city back .

   Instead, Ren Ruiqiang , After weighing the pros and cons , Or choose to stand by Lin Xiao .

   His idea is very simple , The last time he supported Zhang Jian unconditionally , Reality has slapped him hard .

   He doesn't want to do it again .

   And if we want him to be the same as Zhang Jian , Choose and Lin Xiao's adamant words , He's far from that .

   therefore , Hold Lin Xiao's thigh , It's his only choice .

   and , Ren Ruiqiang actually has other small calculations , If Lin Xiao and Zhang Jian compete this time , In the end, Lin Xiao lost , Then he chose to stand by Lin Xiao , There's an extra bonus .

   That is , Kill Lin Xiao alive !

   Want to let it die , You have to inflate it first .

   This is another reason why Ren Ruiqiang chose Lin Xiao .

   It's just his little calculation , It's doomed .

   As for Xu Bo and Zhu Hao , Since the last project demonstration , And he became a strong follower of Lin Xiao , It's really where you go and where you go , Even Lin Xiao went to the toilet .

   If it wasn't for men and women , I guess Tingfeng is a girl , I'm going to go to the bathroom with you .

   Originally, Lin Xiao was helpless about this matter , But since I was scared by that ugly girl last time , Xu Bo and Zhu Hao are the best shields for Lin Xiao .

   As soon as the girl gets close , Xu Bo and Zhu Hao will stop Lin Xiao ,“ This student , Lin Xiao has been covered by us , Don't think about it . and , We have girls here, too , Lin Xiao doesn't lack a sister .”

   So many back and forth , Discovery by Lin Xiao , That girl seems to have given up , It's a big relief for him .

   gradual , Lin Xiao is used to being followed by Xu Bo all day .

   Don't tell me , Every time I go out, there are four people behind me , And one of them is a pretty girl , It makes Lin Xiao feel instantly , I've been promoted a lot .

   therefore , Lin Xiao still enjoys it .

   It's just , This treatment needs popularity support , That's why , Before I left the classroom last time , Lin Xiao gives the big guy a military order , They said they would come with the project this Sunday .

   He's here to stay popular .


   Ten minutes to class , The students are all in a hurry .

  “ Why hasn't Lin Xiao come ?”

  “ Yeah . We'll have class in a little while .”

  “ You said , Will Lin Xiao not finish writing , I dare not come ?”

  “ It can't be true , He said he would come here with the project today .” 

  “ What if it's bragging ?”

  “ It's possible ! what the fuck , What can I do ? Let's go to Zhang Jian ?”

  “ let's go ! I don't think Lin Xiao will come back today . It's all now .”

  “ It's also . Let's go .”

  “ Let's go let's go !”

   It's right after everyone got up , When I was going to get the project from Zhang Jian , Lin Xiaocai came into the classroom bleary eyed .

   Xu Bo and Zhu Hao see Lin Xiao coming , The first time I rushed up .

   Xu Bo patted Lin Xiao on the shoulder ,“ Lin Xiao ! You're here !”

   Ting Feng pouted :“ People are so worried .”

   Zhu Hao agrees :“ Yeah ! You're not coming , We're going to rebel !”

   Zhang Shiyu beats Zhu Hao ,“ You're talking about putting yourself . I will not rebel !”

   Lin Xiao looks at the four people in front of him , First, I couldn't help yawning , And then I laughed :“ I'm here ? Here , this U There are my projects on the plate , Send it to everyone .”

  “ Dele !” Xu Bo takes it with both hands U disc , Then asked with concern :“ Lin Xiao , Why do you look so haggard ? I stayed up late yesterday ?”

   Lin Xiao nodded with a smile ,“ Okay , Sleep late .”

   Zhu Hao doubts :“ You don't live there 11 Is the light off when it's on ? What are you doing all night ?”

   Lin Xiao can't help yawning again , Say casually :“ I went to the Internet bar . The project is almost unfinished , Go to the Internet bar and catch up .”

   Four people were shocked by the words !

   Xu Bo :“ what the fuck ! You don't play games in the Internet bar , Don't look at wool slices , You do the project ?”

   Zhu Hao :“ You win ! Lin Xiao !”

   Tingfeng :“ You are my idol ! Lin Xiao !”

   Zhang Shiyu :“......”

   Lin Xiao looks surprised at the four people , I don't think so :“ You think a lot . I wrote the project in less than two hours , And then I couldn't resist playing games for a while , It turned out to be a night of carelessness ...... Damn it , I will never go to the Internet bar again .”

   Four people are speechless .

   I thought Lin Xiao went to the Internet bar to study hard , I didn't expect to play a game !

   And played all night !

   This kid came to class without even sleeping , This is going to bed !

   Think of this , Xu Bo patted Lin Xiao on the shoulder again ,“ brother . You'll sleep well in a moment . I'll take care of the rest .”

   subsequently , Xu Bo turned around and shouted to the classroom :“ Lin Xiao's project has arrived , We're going to pick it up .”

   Originally quiet people , Listen to this , In an instant, Xu Bo was drowned in the crowd .

   Time is running out , Everyone is eager to get the project as soon as possible .

   Even the students who have already got Zhang Jian's project , I see everyone's enthusiasm , I feel a little bit moved .

   But we all know that , Research others' project source code , It's a time-consuming thing , They've been working on Zhang Jian's project for three days , If we change to Lin Xiao's project now , I'm afraid it will only delay time even more .

   What's more? , Everyone is competitive .

   This project demonstration , Not only the war between Zhang Jian and Lin Xiao , It's also a duel between Zhang Jian school and Lin Xiao school .

   Everyone is holding on , Prove your choice is right .

   Especially Zhang Jianpai , Maybe it's because of the lack of people , We are more united now .

   Zhang Jian is surrounded by everyone , Naturally, I also feel the war , And that's what's missing from him .

   thus , A war without gunpowder , Coming soon !

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