Listen to Zheng Zhongke , Ren Ruiqiang's heart couldn't help but feel a little happy , If lindshaw's project was written by a gunman , Come on stage in a moment , Lin Xiao must have made a fool of himself .

   however , Ren Ruiqiang is doomed to be disappointed .

   Because now Lin Xiao's heart , I'm also stealing music , What he thought was ,“ That's not what I'm trying to do , This is what the teacher asked me to go up .”

   It's like the last time I chased a girl , Zheng Zhongke successfully acted as the third person , Let Lin Xiao be perfect .

   But Lin Xiao is very clear , The more time , Keep a low profile .

   therefore , Lin Xiao didn't go up immediately , It's a euphemistic refusal :“ teacher , I will not go up and delay everyone's time , Let other students talk about it .”

   According to Lin Xiao , It's like a third person telling a girl , Girls come to you for confirmation , Ask if you did the thing that moved her , This time , The wisest thing to do is to deny it immediately , Don't get carried away ,“ That's right . I did it . Be moved , ha-ha .”

   If you do , Girls are still not touched to the top .

   This time , Denial is the best admission !

   therefore , Lin Xiao refuses to take the stage !

   And Zheng Zhongke , And didn't let Lin Xiao down , After hearing Lin Xiao's refusal , Zheng Zhongke smiles , Not in Yilin Xiao's refusal , Go on :“ You think after your project demonstration , Do you have any other students to talk about ?”

   Lin Xiao hears the words and doesn't answer .

   There was also silence under the stage .

   Zheng Zhongke goes on :“ and , Didn't some students question your project just now ? You just came up to prove it , Did you write this project . Come up here. !”

   At this time , Lin Xiao knows , I can't refuse any more .

   It's like a girl goes through a series of surveys , After getting the evidence , Ask you again , Did you do it or not , This time , It's a little pretentious to refuse .

   however , Even to admit , You must admit it unwillingly , That's what it's all about , A full stop has been drawn .

   therefore , After hearing Zheng Zhongke's words, Lin Xiao , No more rejection , But hesitated for a moment , Pretending to be reluctant :“ that ...... All right .”

   After we agreed , Lin Xiao didn't say anything , Hold your computer directly , And I came to the podium .

   After getting on stage , Lin Xiaoxian connected the projector , Then he glanced at the platform , Smile and say :“ hello everyone , My name is Lin Xiao . next , Let me share with you , How to realize my project .”

   Just then , It was a quiet stage , Immediately there was a shout from the students .

  “ Lin Xiao , Please explain how your progress bar is realized .”

  “ Yeah , I also want to know how the progress bar is realized .”

  “ And? , Lin Xiao , How do you play your music .”


   Most of the people under the stage are making a fuss , The rest , They are all interested in looking at the projection cloth on the stage , Only two people , It seems a little out of place with other students .

   One is Zhang Jian , Now he , It's like frosted eggplant , Sit there and stare at your computer , Not a move , I don't know what I'm thinking .

   The other is Ren Ruiqiang , Although Ren Ruiqiang has been staring at the stage , But his eyes are not on the projection cloth , But always on Lin Xiao , You can see it faintly , There's still a smile on his face at the moment .

   It's just , Behind Ren Ruiqiang's smile , What is the psychology , I don't know .

   Zhang Jianhe and Ren Ruiqiang's actions , Lin Xiao didn't notice , In his head at the moment , It's fast to remember , My whole project thinking and coding process .

   It took about ten seconds , Lin Xiao has almost made the explanation clear , I just cleared my throat , Say it out loud :“ okay , Please be quiet . What you just said , I'll talk about it later , You don't have to worry .”

   A little pause , Lin Xiao continued :“ First of all , I want to start with the interface of the project , This interface must have been found by careful students . you 're right ! I'm imitating the interface of the cool dog player , As a programmer , Science thinking tends to be stronger , As for aesthetics ...... I can't flatter you . So , Adhering to the principle of developing strengths and avoiding weaknesses , I borrowed the work of others . The way of imitation is very simple , Like this ...... And here ......”

   Lin Xiao talks on the stage , Students listen attentively under the stage , That earnest energy , It's much more than Zheng Zhongke's class .

   actually , Why are you so serious , There are a lot of reasons , It's because you want to confirm it in person , Is this project completely by Lin Xiao .

   That's why , Lin Xiao in the process of explanation , From time to time, they will be taken by the students under the stage , Ask all kinds of questions .

   Lin Xiao really knows , You are testing yourself , Once you have questions, you can't answer them , Or if you don't like it , It will be doubted .

   however , Today's presentation , Lin Xiao has practiced in his mind many times , What's more? , He wrote the project bit by bit , therefore , Facing the difficulties of the students , Lin Xiaodao is also very skillful .

   as time goes on , Lin Xiao's explanation of the project began to come to an end , all told , Lin Xiao has been talking for nearly two hours .

   More than half the time , Lin Xiao is explaining the observer model to you , Because of his progress bar , It is realized by the observer mode of .

   For beginners , Design patterns are difficult to understand , That's why Lin Xiao devoted so much time , To explain the reasons for the observer pattern .

   The reason why Lin Xiao used the observer mode to realize the progress bar , It's also a way to see it on the Internet , His understanding of design patterns , It's just a strategic model .

   But after this use and research , Lin Xiao's model of observer , It's kind of a grudging entry , If not , Lin Xiao can't explain it to the students .

   after all , Premise for others , You have to understand .

   As for the function of music playing , It seems magical , But there's nothing to talk about , Because that's one Java Of API nothing more , It was found by Lin Xiaoyong's mother .

   From this point of view , Lin Xiao's project wasn't written entirely by himself , It should be said that he and Du Niang finished it together .

   But then again , As a programmer , If you can't talk to Du Niang , What's more, if brother Gu does a good job , It's hard for you to go down this road .

   In today's society , Especially in the field of programmers , Learn to use Du Niang and Gu Ge , It's not just a life skill , It's a professional skill of programmers .

   Yes, of course , No one's on a resume , Write “ Skillful use of douniang ”,“ Skillfully use Gu Ge ” Such words , But in fact , In real work , Do you know how to use it , It's a big decision , Can we solve the problem independently , And if it's fast enough , Especially for beginners , Even more so .

   In fact, this skill is not difficult to learn , As long as you use it more often , Spend more time thinking , You can know some common problems .

   for instance , What keywords can search for better answers , What kind of question is easy to find , What kind of problem is that you can't find it by yourself, etc .

   After learning these rules , Your search skills are basically up to standard .

   And at this point , Lin Xiao is a qualified programmer .

   Yes, of course , His ability , I used to search for movies on the Internet , Although it's not something to be proud of , however , Who can say that movies are easier to find than some programming questions ?

   therefore , Even the film can be found , The answer to a programming question is, of course, easy to get .

   Coming , The explanation is coming to an end , Lin Xiao was relieved . Although he was prepared for today's lecture , But on the stage, it's facing dozens of people , And make sure there is no mistake in this explanation , Plus the frequent questions , Lin Xiao's heart was a little uneasy .

   after all , There's no one hundred percent in the world , Even if he knew better , I can't guarantee the explanation period , There will be no accidents .

   last , The explanation is over .

   Before stepping down , Lin Xiao is cleaning up his computer , Bowing to the lower part of the stage :“ This is where the project will be explained . Thank you for listening .”

   Just then , It was a quiet stage , Thunderous applause broke out in an instant .

   Even Zhang Jianhe and Ren Ruiqiang , After a moment of hesitation , They all raised their hands , Gave their applause .

   occasionally , The world of programmers is so simple , As long as you prove that you're better than me , I'll take care of you .

   And Lin Xiao , With the help of this explanation , Prove your strength to others .

   So , After this project demonstration , Lin Xiao finally became famous !

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