In the age of Internet , There are more or less developers around everyone ; Every developer is different , Different industries , Different positions , Everyone's experience is different ; however , A more intuitive feeling is , Each of them has different abilities .
Why do you say that ?
“90% Above independent developers , Lost in the cognitive process .”
Maybe you've heard of it more or less “ truth ”, But I don't know where the root of the problem lies ? cognition , This is an invisible thing , It's too abstract .
As a developer , What is the ability ? Where is the cognitive boundary ?
If you don't want to think about it , I can't think of it ——
just , Here's a good chance .

Mr. Zhao Jun is a very powerful person .
As a senior architect , Years of experience , Mr. Zhao Jun summed up several books .
however , He has something else to share with you . In the studio .

This Wednesday (5 month 20 day ) 20 spot , Miss Zhao Jun wants to be with you , With this in mind , And he wrote in 《Java
Program design and calculation thinking 》 and 《 Introduction to Computational Thinking and algorithms 》 The essence of these two books , Discuss with you
How to break the cognitive barrier , Two goals of both computing thinking and programming ?

We will discuss the following issues in depth :
1. Computational thinking is the logical basis of programming
2. program = data structure + algorithm
3. Algorithm is the engine to improve programming ability

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