Iozone conduct linux Hard disk performance test under
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The boss said iozone Very good , Compared to other software , Functions and so on are the best . Even professional testing companies use it . And yes linux2.4 One of the above is called aio( asynchronous ) It's very supportive ..
But it's not easy to use . Data is not good ..

Please pay attention when testing , The size of the set test file must be larger than your memory , Otherwise linux Will cache your read and write content . Will make the value very untrue .

iozone Common parameters .
-a Comprehensive test , For example, block size will be added automatically
-i N Used to select test items , such as Read/Write/Random More commonly 0 1 2, Can be specified as -i 0 -i 1 -i2. Please check these other details man
-r block size Specify write once / Read block size
-s file size Specify the size of the test file
-f filename Specify the name of the test file , Automatically delete when finished ( This file must specify the hard disk you want to test )
-F file1 file2... Specify the file name of the test under multithreading

Batch test items :
-g -n Specify test file size range , The maximum test file is 4G, You can write like this -g 4G
-y -q Specify the size range of the test block

output :
Here are some logging parameters . It seems to be output into an image for analysis , Need to specify -a The test of can output
-R produce Excel To standard output
-b Specified output to specified file . such as -Rb ttt.xls

My test cases :
#./iozone -a -n 512m -g 4g -i 0 -i 1 -i 5 -f /mnt/iozone -Rb ./iozone.xls

notes : Conduct a comprehensive test . The minimum test file is 512M Until testing to 4G. test read,write, and Strided Read. The place to test is mnt lower . generate Excel Documents of .

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