Now there is a strong tendency among young people to grow , That's job aversion , Shirk responsibility , Even laugh at people who work hard , People are more and more seeking to make money easily , And it's better to get something for nothing , enjoy pleasure in good time , Even if it's a muddle through life . It's not just about thinking , The working view of human youth , Whether there are problems in the outlook on labor and values . Because obviously young people hate work , A tendency to hate work , If there is no twist , The world will become more and more dangerous , Increasingly unsustainable .

Because most of us still don't understand what it means to work hard ? Many people just think of work as a job , It's a must . If you just think of work as a job , Then this job will be more and more broken , And if desperate to love work , Work will not only become a golden job , And this golden rice bowl , Will be successful , Full of happiness , Full of healthy life attitude .

A person just needs to use himself enough , Limit is used , God often comes out to help . That's how many miracles happen .

To some extent , The meaning of human life is supported by the meaning created by work , To understand the meaning of work is to grasp the golden key of the whole meaning of life .

No animal or plant has ever been able to survive , Look at nature , You'll find out , No matter what kind of animal , Plants are desperately trying to survive .

The tender grass in the stone crevices of the city wall , Between stone and stone , Even if it's just a little mud , There he was, absorbing the sun and the rain , Sprout , For the next few weeks in summer , Grass receives sunshine , Long leaves bloom and bear fruit . If not , Summer comes , The stone wall is illuminated by the hot sun , Rapid warming , The grass will die , So before summer comes , The grass is growing desperately , Leave your children behind , And then die .

Nameless grass growing in the gap of asphalt road , Their fate is the same , In the heat of extreme lack of water , In a hellish environment , All kinds of grass struggle to survive , All kinds of grass to receive more sunlight than other grass , Just try to expand the grass , Stretch the grass stem .

Competing for survival , We have to work hard to survive . That's what the Tao of nature is , This is the iron rule of the universe .

The colder the winter , The more romantic the cherry blossom . It's the same with people , Without a chill , How to get plum blossom fragrance ? It's hard to show off all the wonderful things in life without heavy work , Many people's lives wither before they are fully opened , Maybe it has something to do with ease and hard work . The significance of labor lies not only in the pursuit of performance , It is more about improving people's mind . Experience the splendor of life in work .

Japanese Jiang Bensheng wrote a Book 《 Water knows the answer 》, If a glass of clear water knows your inner love and hate , A product you finished by hand , You must know how you feel . If you fall in love with your job , Fall in love with your own products , In case of any error , You know intuitively where the problem is , Mr. Daosheng called it the cry of products , As long as you listen attentively , You can hear the whisper of the product , You can find a clue to the problem .

With all your heart , Isn't it enough to move the gods ?

kazuo inamori 《 dry process 》

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