This paper mainly uses springboot, Realize a single version of seckill demo, Through stand-alone version , Can have a certain understanding of basic concurrent seckill knowledge .

First, provide seckill service implementation class :
/** * spring Annotation added to implementation class */ @Service @Transactional public class OrderServiceImpl
implements OrderService { @Autowired private StockMapper stockMapper;
@Autowired private StockOrderMapper orderMapper; @Autowired private
StringRedisTemplate redisTemplate; // Method synchronized modification , Pessimistic lock added to stand-alone application
// be careful , And @Transactional Used together yes , Will not take effect , If you want to use it, use it where the method is called synchronized Code block
// reason :Transactional Transaction started before lock , A wide range of business , When a thread lock is released , But the business hasn't been committed yet , The next thread is , Commit last transaction together
// Generally not recommended , Threads will be used individually , Reduce efficiency , And don't add in business code synchronized @Override public int
kill(Integer id) { // join redis Cache time limited rush , Even if the token is obtained, it cannot be snapped up if it is not within the active time // check redis Is China seckill finished if
(!redisTemplate.hasKey("kill"+id)) { throw new
RuntimeException(" The current rush to buy is over !"); } // Verify inventory StockDO stockDO = checkStock(id);
// Deduct inventory updateStock(stockDO); // Create order

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