Beijing time 3 month 26 Evening , Huawei has released its new generation of image flagship mobile phones to global consumers online —— HUAWEI P40 series . While continuing the advantages of previous generations ,P40
Series ushered in “ Full scene , Full coke segment , Full function ” Comprehensive upgrade of . As the main image model ,P40 The series is equipped with super perception Leica camera module , First time on mobile phone 10 Optical zoom , as well as
100 X digital zoom , Quickly become the focus of discussion after release .

   In order to further improve the photography level ,P40 Equipped with super perception Leica , It contains one 5000 Megapixel super perception camera , One piece 800 Megapixel telephoto camera and a 1600
10 megapixel wide angle camera ;P40 Pro Have one 5000 Megapixel super perception camera ,4000 10 megapixel movie camera ,1200 Wanchao perception telephoto camera , And one. 3D
Deep sense camera . And as “ Flagship in flagship ”,P40 Pro+ Equipped with super perception Leica five cameras , Contains one. 5000 Megapixel super sense main camera ,4000 10 megapixel movie camera ,3D
Deep sense camera ,3 Optical zoom camera , And one. 10 Super long distance optical zoom camera !

   Flagship mobile phones on the market , Basically, it can only be realized 2-3 X optical zoom , In addition, the image quality of hybrid zoom will be lost in practical application . And HUAWEI P40 Pro+ It's the world's first 10
The flagship model with double optical zoom capability , Equipped with the periscope camera structure developed by Huawei , Complex optical structure is integrated in the light and thin fuselage . With camera with higher light transmittance , It not only improves the light intake , And it can make the photo glow softer .

   Except for the hardware , Big circle , Want to achieve high power optical zoom , Software optimization is also essential . HUAWEI P40 Series added XD Fusion Image engine , adopt AI
Algorithm optimization , Face enhancement , Character detail recognition , Even with high zoom, you can get more clarity , Stable shooting experience .

   It is also under the support of multiple black technologies combined with software and hardware , Only let P40 Series realizes unprecedented zoom shooting experience .

   From the samples released by Huawei , The lion's hair is clear in the picture , The whole picture is very clear . While the details are full , It's very textured . Even in 10 After optical zoom ,P40 Pro
Still able to restore the details of the object clearly , Take pictures of professional blockbuster level .

   With the continuous improvement of smart phone zoom shooting strength , We have reason to believe that the shooting scene of mobile phone will be further expanded in the future . The breakthrough in zoom technology will further change the industry pattern , Leading the transformation of mobile phone industry .

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