<> Tencent interview experience

<> Telephone interview

In a recruitment APP One for Tencent C++ After background development post , Received an email invitation , It's evening 7 Half o'clock . I didn't get off work , Run to the office building in advance to answer the phone . Mainly asked about some languages , Basic knowledge of data structure , I talked about it. 50 Minute , Then I'll call the company for an on-site interview at the weekend . Here are the specific interview questions .

1,free() Function input parameter is a void* Pointer , How does it know the size of the target ?

2, Find the second in the binary tree k Small elements ?

3, Why database is used B Tree as a data structure for storing data ?

4,C++ lambda Properties of expressions , When to use ?

5,c/c++ How the program controls execution to a specific memory address ?

6, Maintenance of binary reactor ?

7,LRU Implementation of algorithm ?

8,C++ Virtual function table , function overloading , Function rewriting (override) Characteristic ?

9,C++ Smart pointer features , Right value characteristic , regular expression ,map,unorder_map?

10,C++ Object memory layout ?

11,C++ new and c Linguistic malloc Difference ?

12,linux Network programming api(socket,bind,listen,accept,close,connect)

13,C++ Compiling process of program ?

14, What is iterator failure ?

<> Technical side

1, Introduce the project architecture , And the modules they are responsible for ?

That's not good . Because I worked in a communication equipment company after graduation , The projects involved are very mature , Gigantic , The overall system architecture is complex . At that time, I said to the whole system , I don't know. , The feeling for the interviewer is that the logic is not clear , Didn't articulate the project architecture , And my work in it . I felt like I was out of business .

2, Asked C++ Something about object layout , Well answered , Virtual function pointer is involved , The size of the empty object and vector container , The 35 rule .

3, Then the interviewer asked a few more questions C++ Template issues , I didn't answer in depth .

First, three overloaded functions are given ( Ordinary function , Function template , Special function template ), Determine the function to be called according to the input parameter . This comparison is based on , The answer is up . Then I asked about type extraction , How to use a template to determine whether an input parameter is a class object pointer , Or a built-in type pointer .

4, Finally, the interviewer asked me to say something linux upper socket Some of the programming API, I asked some questions in the middle . Because my work basically doesn't involve these , Relevant knowledge is learned by reading books , Leading to a lack of understanding , The interviewer didn't answer the questions well .
Last , One side, of course not .

Generally speaking , Your own project structure and responsible work must be understood thoroughly , Social recruitment focuses on project experience . There is no imaginary algorithm problem , Maybe it's my own food , Not enough to get the interviewer to work out the algorithm ~ Finally, the interviewer talked to me for a while , Mainly to point out their own shortcomings , And suggestions for improvement . hey , Tencent's interview experience is still very good , It's a big factory , The interviewer is also very Nice, Don't try to embarrass you . Keep trying , We'll come again next time .

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