You also look down on outsourcing programmers ?

See the title , I actually think about it a little bit , I thought about it for a few seconds .

In fact, these years IT Outsourcing has always been around us , Flustered ?

As soon as you update your resume, an outsourcing company will call soon , It's a lovely voice hr My sister asked you to interview .
And I'm not tired of communicating with you so that you can go for an interview .

Why does this happen ?

You can say that , Outsourcing companies hire people all year round , Why? ?

Because it's too liquid , Outsourcing company's hr Busy with work , On the same day, she had to deal with a lot of new hires and departures .

What kind of work does the outsourcing company recruit ?

* Pick up the project by yourself
Such projects are generally short-term , Projects that can be completed in half a year . And the projects that big companies receive are unpacked , such as A The company makes a module ,B The company makes a module .
* Expatriate

Expatriates are the most common , That is, you are going to the company of Party A for an interview . If you pass the interview, go to work for Party A , You may be paid 10k One month , Party A pays your outsourcing company 30k One month . I'm just going to give you an example , Don't take your seat according to your orders .
Sense of belonging

Your working time in the outsourcing company for one year , Maybe you have to go through several companies of Party A in this year . Of course, Party A's company will also screen you , A large number of outsourcing personnel for Party A's selection . If I don't pick you , I'm sorry you have to go to another company of Party A for an interview .

If in the long run , You have been unable to interview Party A's company , I'm sorry , You're ready to leave . Besides, you won't stay in the outsourcing company , You've been on the bottom line since the interview didn't work , Only when you interview with Party A can you get project subsidy .

There is a situation that you are not familiar with your colleagues on the first day when you go to an outsourcing company , Then he was sent to Party A's company , And so on , You come back and find that you don't know most of the people in the company . The flow of people is particularly fast , After the project is over, you wait to interview another company of Party A .
That's the question of belonging , Party A's company may be in Shanghai, Beijing, Xinjiang and other different places . All you have to do is obey , Be prepared to be sent all over the country .

On a business trip , It will also involve the issue of advance funds for travel expenses , The reimbursement process is slow . Because you're not alone in the reimbursement process , Cash flow is the lifeblood of a company , We have to wait for the receivables to be recovered .

About snacks , human rights .


Some people say that an expatriate company is a head seller , All the dirty work to Party A is for the expatriates . That's right , Outsourcing personnel usually work hard and dirty .

Can outsourcing companies learn ?
A lot of it's physical repetitive work , No challenge . Core code complex code dare not do it for you , When you're done, you're gone , How do they clean up the mess ? So it's basically the work party a doesn't want to do .

Some big companies also have outsourcing , The company's core codes are all encapsulated and cannot be touched at all , The company's network ports are blocked , Internal LAN . Is it said that the internal position of Party A can be transferred through outsourcing ? Let's say one thing , It's impossible .

Outsourcing for several years , I found I couldn't find a job . Embarrassed

About outsourcing

We can't find a job to outsource , Outsourcing for those with poor technology , You can't wait to outsource . Outsourcing companies are squeezing employees , Don't care about the growth of employees . It is said that there is an outsourcing company that issues a lottery ticket at the end of the year ,500 Wan oh .


If there is no way to enter the outsourcing company , So outsourcing can be the starting point , You can't go in and have a look , But don't get lost in reality . Make your own career plan , Don't go with the flow .

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