recently , Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, is accepting 《 Wall Street Journal 》 Interview , This is Ren Zhengfei's first media interview since the Spring Festival this year .

   Ren Zhengfei revealed a major plan of Huawei this year in this interview , HUAWEI 2020 Annual plan to increase R & D budget 58 Billion dollars . This also means that the overall R & D cost of Huawei will exceed 200
Billion dollars , About RMB 1421 Billion yuan .

   Ren Zhengfei :“ As a company , Our survival is not a problem , But the question is how to stay ahead of the industry .”“ If we can't develop our own technology , We will not be able to lead the world in the next three to five years , For Huawei , Total de Americanization would be “ Impossible ” Of , American companies also need ( Huawei as a customer ) Existence , No one can break away from globalization .” 

   Ren Zhengfei also said in the interview ,“ Exceed 20000
Famous scientist , Experts and engineers work overtime during the Spring Festival , Because we are in a hurry to develop new ( technology ), He pointed out that the ongoing work will make us stand out in the global competition .”

   Last year , Ren Zhengfei said in an interview with the media , Estimation of HUAWEI 2020 Annual growth can only be maintained at 10% About , but “ We are right. 2020 Don't worry too much ”,2020
There will be a certain scale of development in New Year , It is expected that 2021 Return to scale growth in .

   Ren Zhengfei also talked about Huawei's resumption of work in this interview , He said , After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia , Most of Huawei's employees have resumed work , Huawei has recovered 90%
Above production and development business , Ren Zhengfei added , The company provides protective equipment to partners to keep the production line running normally , So as to ensure the integrity of most supply chains .

  “ Service personnel around the world have also been working to ensure that communication is not interrupted ”, Ren Zhengfei said :“ With the spread of the epidemic , The world needs ( Even more ) Internet Services .” At the same time, he has great confidence in Huawei , Huawei is expected to achieve the adjusted financial target .

  2019 year 12 month , Xu Zhijun, chairman in office of Huawei, once said , It is expected that Huawei's annual sales revenue will exceed 8500 Billion RMB , Year-on-year growth 18%
About . Smart phone business keeps steady growth , More than 2.4 Billion Taiwan .

   in addition , stay 5G Technical aspects , According to Huawei managing director , Operator BG Data released by Ding Yun, President , Huawei has obtained 91 individual 5G Commercial contract , Europe 47 individual , Asia 27
individual , Delivery is near. 60 Ten thousand 5G base station . Huawei will also launch “5G Partner innovation program ”, Some time 5 Investment in the year 2000 Ten thousand dollars , Support 5G Innovative application , Boom 5G ecology .

   Talked about 6G technology , Ren Zhengfei claims “ about 6G Research , We are also the world's leading , But we judge 6G
It won't be put into use for ten years ( Huawei laboratory in Ottawa, Canada has already begun research and development 6G network technique ). therefore , Technology transfer is not the end of our progress , When we get the money, we'll go further .”

  ( Titanium media comprehensive self Tencent Technology , Yesky )

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