Spring Boot Default support properties(.properties) and YAML(.yml .yaml ) Two formats of profiles ,yml and
properties Files belong to configuration files , Function is the same .

Spring Cloud Build on Spring Boot Above , stay Spring Boot There are two contexts in , One is bootstrap, The other is
application, Here are the differences between the two profiles

<> Loading order

if application.yml and bootstrap.yml In the same directory :bootstrap.yml Load first application.yml Post loading

bootstrap.yml Boot phase for application context .bootstrap.yml By father Spring ApplicationContext Load .

<> Configuration difference

bootstrap.yml and application.yml Can be used to configure parameters .

Used to execute when the program is booted , Apply to earlier configuration information reading . It can be understood as some parameter configuration at system level , Generally, these parameters will not change . once bootStrap.yml
Be loaded , Content will not be overwritten .

application.yml Can be used to define application level , Application specific configuration information , It can be used to configure common parameters to be used in subsequent modules .

<> Property override problem

When starting context ,Spring Cloud Will create a Bootstrap Context, Act as Spring Applied Application Context
Parent context of .

When initializing ,Bootstrap Context Responsible for loading configuration properties from external sources and parsing configuration . The two contexts share an external Environment.
Bootstrap Property has high priority , By default , They will not be overwritten by the local configuration .

That is to say, if the application.yml Content labels and bootstrap Consistent labels for ,application It won't cover bootstrap, and
application.yml The contents can be replaced dynamically .

<>bootstrap.yml Typical application scenarios

* When used Spring Cloud Config Server When configuring the center , You need to bootstrap.yml Specified in the configuration file
spring.application.name and
spring.cloud.config.server.git.uri, Add configuration properties connected to configuration center to load configuration information of external configuration center
* Some fixed properties that cannot be overwritten
* Some encryption / Decryption scenario

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