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Tool Introduction

1, Generating QR code online :  You can put the URL , text , E-mail , short message , Telephone number , Electronic business card ,wifi Network and other information to generate the corresponding two-dimensional code picture . You can format the QR code image (png,jpg,gif), Fault tolerance , Picture size , Color and LOGO Pictures, etc . The tool is easy to use , convenient , Powerful . Even if you're not a programmer , can't ps technology , You can also create creative QR codes online , The ordinary black and white two-dimensional code online design more creative , More personality , More beautiful , Make QR code editing more creative to attract fans , Use QR code to attract customers .

2, On line analysis of QR code : Upload QR code image , It can identify and extract the content of QR code image , Support for Chinese , Japanese , Korean, etc .

Basic characteristics :
parameter explain
Symbol specification 21×21 modular ( edition 1)-177×177 modular ( edition 40)
( Every specification : Increase on each side 4 Modules )
Data type and capacity · digital data :7,089 Characters
· Alphabetic data :4,296 Characters
( Refers to the maximum specification symbol version 40-L level )· 8 Bit byte data :2,953 Characters
· Chinese character data :1,817 Characters
Data representation Dark modules represent binary “1”, The light color module represents binary “0”.
Error correction capability · L level : Approximate error correction 7% Data codeword of
· M level : Approximate error correction 15% Data codeword of
· Q level : Approximate error correction 25% Data codeword of
· H level : Approximate error correction 30% Data codeword of
Structural links ( Optional ) available 1-16 individual QR Code Code symbols represent a set of information
Mask ( inherent ) The proportion of the dark and light modules in the symbol can be close 1:1, The possibility of decoding difficulty caused by the arrangement of adjacent modules is minimized .
Extended explanation ( Optional ) This allows symbols to represent data other than the default character set ( Such as Arabic characters , Ancient Slavic , Greek alphabet, etc ), And other explanations ( For example, data represented by a certain compression method ) Or code the needs of the industry characteristics .
Independent positioning function QR Code Code can express Chinese characters efficiently , Same content , Its size is smaller than that of the same density PDF417 bar code . At present, most barcode printers on the market support it QR code bar code , Its proprietary Chinese character pattern is more suitable for China's application . therefore ,QR code It has a good application prospect in China

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