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Tool Introduction

Mind map, It is an effective graphic thinking tool to express divergent thinking , It's simple and effective , It is a practical thinking tool .

The skill of using both picture and text in mind map , The relationship between subjects at all levels is shown by the hierarchical graph of subordination and correlation , The theme keywords and images , Color and so on establish memory link . Mind mapping makes full use of left and right brain functions , Using memory , read , The law of thinking , Helping people in science and art , Balanced development between logic and imagination , So as to open up the infinite potential of human brain . Therefore, mind map has the powerful function of human thinking .

Mind mapping is a way to visualize thinking . We know that radioactive thinking is the natural way of thinking in the human brain , Every kind of information that goes into the brain , Whether it's feeling , Memories or thoughts —— Including text , number , Symbol code , aroma , food , line , colour , imagery , rhythm , Notes, etc , Can be a thinking center , From this center, thousands of joint points are radiated out , Each joint represents a link to the central theme , And each link can become another central theme , And then it radiates out thousands of joints , It shows a radioactive three-dimensional structure , And the connection of these joints can be regarded as your memory , It's like neurons in the brain that connect to each other , Your personal database .

Mind mapping is also called brain mapping , mind mapping , Brainstorming diagram , Inspiration trigger map , Concept map , Tree view , Branch map or mind map , It is a tool of image thinking and an auxiliary tool of using image thinking . Mind mapping is the use of a central keyword or idea to evoke visualizing the construction and classification of ideas ; It uses a central keyword or idea to connect all the representative words in a radial line , idea , Graphical representation of tasks or other associated projects .

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