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Tool Introduction

Image format converter : No installation required , It's totally free , Support the conversion between various types of image formats , support JPG,PNG,BMP,JPEG,GIF,SVG,WEBP,ICO Lossless conversion of image format , Just upload the original image to be converted , Select the image format you want to download .

There are many different formats for pictures , The most common JPG,Gif,PNG,BMP Picture format , Each image format has its own advantages . Sometimes specific image formats are required according to different needs , Or some image format file is too large , It takes up a lot of space , Through the image format conversion, we can get smaller images . Image format converter is used to convert many formats of pictures , Easy to use .

Summary of advantages and disadvantages of common image formats :

① PNG Portable network graphics , Is the latest image file format accepted online .PNG It can provide length ratio GIF Small 30% Lossless compression of image files . It also provides 24 Bitwise sum 48 Bit true color image support and many other technical support . because PNG Very new , So not all programs can use it to store image files , but Photoshop Can handle PNG image file , It can also be used PNG Image file format storage .

② JPG or JPEG Is the most commonly used image file format , Developed by a software development consortium , Is a lossy compression format , It can compress the image in a small storage space , Images that are not important will be lost , Therefore, it is easy to damage the image data .JPEG Format compression is mainly high frequency information , The color information is well preserved , Suitable for photography and Internet applications , It can reduce the transmission time of images , Yes 24bit True color .

③ GIF File data , It is based on LZW Lossy compression scheme for continuous tone of the algorithm . Its compression ratio is generally in the 50% about , It does not belong to any application . Almost all related software supports it , There is a lot of software in use in the public domain GIF image file .GIF Another feature of the format is that it is in a GIF Multiple color images can be stored in the file , Dynamic pictures , Motion pictures are often used in network expression packets .

④ ICO yes Windows An icon file format of , You can store a single pattern , Multi Size , Icon file of multi color board .

⑤ BMP Bitmap is a hardware independent image file format , It is widely used . It uses bit mapped storage format , In addition to the image depth option , No other compression is used , therefore ,BMP Files take up a lot of space .BMP The image depth of the file is optional lbit,4bit,8bit and 24bit.BMP When the file stores data , The image is scanned from left to right , From bottom to top .

⑥ WebP It is a kind of image file format which provides lossless compression and lossless compression at the same time , Derived from image encoding format VP8.WebP yes Google New imaging technology , It can effectively compress the web pages , At the same time, it does not affect the image format compatibility and actual clarity , So as to speed up the download of the whole web page .

⑦ SVG Scalable vector graphics is based on XML, Developed by the World Wide Web Consortium . An open standard vector graphics language , You can enlarge the graphic display at will , The edge is abnormally clear , Words in SVG The image remains in the state of being editable and searchable , There are no font restrictions , The generated file is very small , Download quickly , Very suitable for designing high resolution Web Graphic page .

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