Online QR Code Generator

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Tool Introduction

This tool can generate corresponding QR code pictures from information such as URLs, texts, emails, text messages, phone numbers, electronic business cards, and wifi networks.

You can set the format, error tolerance, image size, color and LOGO image of the QR code image.

This tool is simple, convenient and powerful to use.

Even if you are not a programmer and do not know ps technology, you can make creative QR codes online, and design ordinary black and white QR codes online to be more creative, more personalized, and more beautifying.

You can also upload QR code pictures, identify and extract the content of QR code pictures, and support Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Basic Features:
Symbol Specifications21×21 modules (version 1) - 177×177 modules (version 40)
(Each specification: add 4 modules per side)
data type and capacity· Numeric data: 7,089 characters
· Alphabetical data: 4,296 characters
(referring to maximum specification notation version 40-L class)8-bit byte data: 2,953 characters
· Kanji data: 1,817 characters
data representationDark modules represent binary "1" and light modules represent binary "0".
Error correction abilityL-level: about 7% error-corrected data codewords
M-level: about 15% error-corrected data codewords
Q-level: about 25% of the data codewords can be corrected
· H-level: about 30% of the data code words can be corrected
structure link (optional)A set of information can be represented by 1-16 QR Code symbols
mask (intrinsic)The ratio of dark-colored and light-colored modules in the symbol can be made close to 1:1, so as to minimize the possibility of decoding difficulties caused by the arrangement of adjacent modules.
Extended explanation (optional)In this way, symbols can represent data other than the default character set (such as Arabic characters, Cyrillic characters, Greek letters, etc.), as well as other interpretations (such as data represented by a certain compression method) or encoding according to the needs of industry characteristics .
Independent positioning functionQR Code can efficiently represent text, the same content, and its size is smaller than the PDF417 barcode of the same density.