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Tool Introduction

Markdown simple syntax description

Paragraph: A paragraph consists of one or more consecutive lines separated by one or more visually blank lines. Normal paragraphs should not be indented with spaces or tabs.

Image: ![Foo](

Line breaks: *emphasis* or _emphasis_ (example: italic); **emphasis** or __emphasis__ (example: bold); ***emphasis*** or ___emphasis_ __ (example: bold italics)

Code: To insert code in Markdown, you have two options. One is to wrap the code in backticks (`) (the key below the Esc key on your keyboard).

Title: You can enter a certain number of pound signs ('#') before the title content to achieve the HTML-style title of the corresponding level (HTML provides six-level title). # Level 1 title; #### Level 4 title.

Link: [link text] (link address). Example: [MaTools](

Line breaks: If you want to force a line break, insert at least two spaces at the end of the line.